Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big News, a Contest, and Dogs!

I have all these random bits of stuff I want to say but none of them are significant enough to be a blog post on their own so I’m shoving them all in one big blog post today because I got distracted by puppies last weekend to write a proper blog post which includes the longest rambling run on sentence in the history of the Internet.

Do I get a prize for that?

My guess is no.

So, yeah. Puppies. Like real, live, border collie (maybe ish) puppies. Husband and I met our in laws two new pups named Rascal and Ralph last weekend. Along with our newest sister in law, we are training the dogs.  Husband took Rascal to the front of the house, I took Ralph to the back otherwise it would have been a recipe for disaster trying to train two sibling pups in the same place at the same time.

 I don't have a photo of Rascal and Ralph. I drew a lifelike sketch of them instead.
Click the photo to read the riveting dialog in a larger version.

While these pups are litter mates, it is important to remember they are two different personalities, may have different learning styles, and be taught accordingly. What can I say? Dog training brings out the instructional designer in me.

It felt good to work with a dog again.

It took me a few minutes to remember Ralph did not speak human yet and that I had to break it down to the basics. We worked on not pulling on a leash, sit, and a little bit on heel. Ralph picked up everything quickly. He needs more sessions to reinforce our lessons before we move on to learning new commands and manners. 

I think the hardest part of the process is going to be retraining Mother and Father in Law to be consistent with commands and consequences. It’s not their fault they cave in to sweet puppy eyes. I think that’s why they have two new dogs instead of one. They are lovable softies. Awwww.

Where I’m going: Columbus Oktoberfest. Husband and I played a round of our favorite game I Dare You To Eat That in my latest post for The Balancing Act I Ate My Way Around Columbus Oktoberfest.

 Sauerkraut balls!

What I’m eating: Not gluten. I’m taking a Gluten Free 14 Day Challenge over on Lazy Budget Chef. I’m Day 6 into the challenge.  If you have any gluten free recipes or advice, I’m all ears!

Gluten free noms. You might have already seen this photo if you follow me @condoblues on Twitter or follow me @condoblues on Instagram.

What I’m drinking: Bucket loads of kefir. I didn’t think I could drink kefir since it is milk based. Turns out, I can or at least I can drink Lifeway Kefir because it has less than 1% lactose. I’m relieved that I can add a source of calcium back to my diet since I had to remove so many during One Small Green Change: Lactose Free Diet.

Drinking kefir is like drinking a thinner version of yogurt. 
It makes a great substitute for cream in recipes.

What I’m watching: The Avengers movie. Husband has been waiting for this movie to come out since he was 12 years old and spent all of his paper route money on comic books.  Husband saw the movie four times (I only saw it twice) in the theater. We used it as an escape last summer after Blitzkrieg passed away. Now we’re enjoying it again at home but without the profound sadness (or as much) lurking in the backs of our minds.

I included a photo in case you were off world last summer and didn't know anything about a superhero movie coming out.

What I’m planning: My Halloween costume. For me, Halloween is all about the costume. Husband and I got an invitation to a Halloween party. The theme is The End of the World/Mayan Calendar. The hosts politely asked no political costumes (no prob. Too obvious.) and I do not want to freeze my coconuts off in a Mayan bikini – again, too obvious. I’m stumped for an idea costume. Help!

Why I’m picking myself up off the floor: I made the Top 100 Green OnlineInfluencers list for 2012. I’m shocked. The supa dupa my way or the highway crowd doesn’t always want to play with me because I like to give a range of tangible green living options, not absolutes, but they think I’m a poser because I try not to be lectury or heavy handed and include funny yet lifelike drawings of talking border collies in my posts when in reality things on my side of the keyboard are a deep, dark shade of emerald green. It’s nice to know I don’t have lecture everyone about how I think they should live ('cause its kinda douchy) and still be considered knowledgeable.  Go me. Green Websites

What I want to give you: A chance to win $250 of your choice of craft supplies from Consumer Crafts.  They emailed me about their giveaway a few days after I linked to them in my easy maple butter Shea butter soap making tutorial or I would have mentioned it in that post. Since I’m always on the lookout for ways to thank you for reading my little slice of Internet real estate, here’s the skinny. To enter the Consumer Crafts Refer a Friend Contest, sign up at  Consumer Crafts. After you submit your info, you will have the chance to share the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and through email. If you do, your chances of winning one of the six $250 shopping sprees will increase with the number of people you refer to the giveaway. 250 buckaroos would go a long way if you are planning to craft your Christmas gifts!

What are you up to?

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