Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holiday Family Togetherness or Forced Manditory Fun?

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This year we are spending Thanksgiving with Husband’s side of the family where in my mind of what makes the perfect family Thanksgiving and the reality of what happens at family Thanksgiving are not the same. Ever.

Miss 1 of 9, Mr 2 of 9, Mr 4 of 9, and Miss 6 of 9 are tweens or teens and want nothing to do with us. Sad face.

Now after dinner the family breaks off into factions.

  • The olders watch mindless TV (I’m not talking a football game or a movie either. I’m talking news channels on a notoriously slow news day and something I can do at home. Snore.)
  • The youngers  watch someone play a 1 player role playing game on the Wii.
  • Or the youngers bury their noses in handheld video games they bring with them. (I’d do the same on my phone but I can’t get service in the teeny tiny boonie town where the in laws live.)
  • Miss 1 of 9 passes out in a tryptophan coma.
  • Last time Husband got so bored there was no one to talk to or do anything with he  balanced empty cups on a sleeping Miss 1 of 9 to see if it would either wake her up or move and brush the cups off during her nap.

This is not the holiday family time I imagine or enjoy.

his year I am changing that.

I’m charging up the batteries in our Wii controllers and bringing Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 to the in laws for Thanksgiving. There WILL be family togetherness with a mutli player family game this year after dinner this year! 

Of course, I had to try the game out before the holiday. Here’s the skinny.

Just Dance 4 is similar to the rest of the Just Dance titles. You follow the dancer on the screen. If you do the moves correctly, you win points. It is fairly forgiving as to what type of movement the controller registers as correct and on more than one occasion, Husband and I challenged each other to do the goofiest moves possible and still score points because we’re dorks.

One little thing, as a former dancer, I’m not used to seeing the dancer you are supposed to copy facing you in Mirror Mode. I’m used to seeing the back of the person teaching you a dance so I get a little weirded out. Husband says I use this excuse when I get a lower score. Whatever dude. I still got it and beat you to pieces when we play in Battle Mode.

In the spirit of love and family togetherness of course.

My big plan of action is to charge the rechargeable batteries in our extra Wiimotes and bring the game with us to the in laws so there is a game ALL of us can play at the same time. Just Dance 4 has solo and duet songs but they also have several songs like Time Warp and Wild Wild West where up to four players can dance at once AND you have to dance with each other. No one will be sitting on the sofa watching one person play a role playing game THIS year!


It will be much more fun than stacking cups on a sleeping Miss 1 of 9.  

You can buy Just Dance 4 on Amazon.com for the Wii, Playstation, and Kinect. 

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