Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 DIY Goals Wrap Up

In the interest of holding myself accountable for actually doing a planned project instead of plunking my tush in front of DIY Network and only dreaming about it, I made a list of DIY project goals for 2012.

Now that it is officially 2013 it is put up or shut up time. Did I do everything I planned to do?



1.Install Craftsman garage door opener.  I installed the new garage door opener. I love I never have to worry about the door popping up expectantly. The gadget gal in me still gets a thrill closing the garage door with the phone app. In fact, I used the app to open and close the garage when I was in New York attending Blogher 12 to say hi in a new way to Husband. Nah, not really. I did it because I could and I am a colossal dork.

Blitzkrieg always loved playing Supermodel

Goal Not Met

  1. Practice taping and mudding to…
  2. Install drywall in the garage
  3. Prime and paint new drywall.
  4. Cut down base cabinets to Lisa height
  5. Sand and paint base cabinets. 
  6. Make/thrift cabinet door and drawer handles 
  7. Add wood top to base cabinets to make it workbench.
  8. Review, rearrange, and decrapify stuff stored in the garage 
  9. Install hanging bike storage. 
  10. Plan and build? Buy? Wall mounted garage storage system

Garden and Porch


1. Add side slats to the bean tepee trellis I built.  I did it but it wasn't so whiz bang that I blogged about it.

2. Grow more than six tomatoes this year.  We grew so many tomatoes the police sent a helicopter over the house and a police wagon down our street to verify we grew tomato plants and not something else. Only in my world I tell ya.

Tomato sauce anyone?

3. Grow a ton of basil and oregano from seeds. We grew two types of basils. The oregano didn't do so well but our cilantro did.

Goal Not Met

1. Move the chive plants in the small flowerbed to mirror placement in the large bed.
Husband and I took this one off the list.
2. Rebuild seats for the patio bistro chairs.
3. Paint and attach new top on the patio bistro table.

Living Room


  1. Prime and paint the accent wall. The living room looks 8 bazillion times better now.

2. Reprint and hang my photos for the walls. I finally have my own artwork properly displayed in my house!

I took this!

3. Paint brass on fireplace insert with heat resistant paint. Soooo much cheaper than replacing the whole thing.

Goal Not Met

  1. Settle on a fireplace mantle design. I don't know what I want. After the accent all project, I want to live with the painted fireplace as it is for awhile before I decide if I want to go with a mantle.
  2. Build the fireplace mantle
  3. Install the fireplace mantle.
Sewing Room


I finished these projects but didn't blog about them. I was too busy fighting cancer.

  1. Clean and organize the room from last Christmas’ Santa’s Little Sweatshop gift making – a-thon
  2. Clean and organize the closet.
  3. Repair and reinstall closet sliding doors
Master Bath

Goal Not Met

  1. Install water saving shower head.
  2. Switch out the Master Bath faucet with old Guest Bath Faucet.

Goal Not Met

1. Reupholster, sand, and finish the wing chair.

I got less than half of my list completed. Looking back my list was too big and didn't allow for life hiccups like Blitzkrieg's lymphoma that sidelined the entire garage project along with well, life in general. 

Live and learn.

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