Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hack- y DIY Holiday Gifts!

Tis the season to wrack our idea engines (brains if you want to be technical about it) for holidays gifts to buy or DIY or both.

I have some blanks on my gift giving idea list. Do you?

On the other hand, maybe you are already crafting your holiday decorations and gifts.

Wanna share?

Pretty please?

The Maker Mom asked me to be a "rock star panelist" (Kim’s words not mine) for her Hack-y Holidays #STEMchat (Science, Tech, Engineering,Math) Twitter party Thursday, December 6 at 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountainand 6 Pacific.  We are going to share ideas about DIY holiday gifts you like to give and get.

To join the party, log onto Twitter and follow the party hashtags #STEMchat and #MakeTheHoliday to see everyone’s responses. Make sure you follow the party host @KimMoldesky during the party too.

December's panel includes (text used with permission from The Maker Mom because Kim has a better way with words and she made me sound really smart and stuff.)

  • Lisa Nelsen-Woods @condoblues When her technical writer, instructional designer, and DIYer powers combine she builds computers, fixes what's broken, and teaches you how you can do it too on her blog Condo Blues

  • Thien-Kim Lam @ThienKim is a former costume designer who now channels her creative energy by upcycling clothes, sketching, and crafting with her kids. Check out her tutorials and general crafty goodness at My Cup of Creativi-Tea.

  • This month's sponsor:

littleBits, invented by a woman, are (cute!) little electronic modules for prototyping and play. The bits snap together with magnets, so you can't mess up with them. These colorful bits take crafting projects to a new level allowing people with little or no electronics knowledge to add lights, sensors or other bells and whistles to their projects. Ayah Bdeir set out to put the tools of engineers into the hands of artists and she's succeeding. Seriously cool stuff, people.

littleBits is hosting a creative holiday challenge. It's kind of like Design Squadfor adults- dream up a creative project incorporating littleBits, sketch it out and submit the sketch to win. How easy is that? 

How to Attend a Twitter Party Using Tweetgrid

You don’t need a fancy embossed invitation to attend a Twitter party. All you need is a Twitter account, the party hash tag #STEMchat and #MakeTheHoliday, and to be logged into Twitter at the right time - Thursday, December 6 at 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain and 6 Pacific.

I like to use Tweetgrid  when I participate in Twitter parties because Tweetgrid sets up columns to follow the party guests, the party host @KimMoldofsky, and a column for your tweets and @’s. Best of all Tweetgrid is free!

1.Type http://www.tweetgrid.com into the Web browser of your own choosing.

2.Click Party.

3. Enter the following information in the appropriate fields: party hashtag, the Twitter handle of the party host or hosts, and you Twitter handle.

4. Click Join the Party!

5. You will see your Tweetgrid with separate columns for every person who using the Twitter party hashtag whether you follow the person on Twitter or not on the left side of the screen, the hosts Twitter stream in the center column, and your Twitter stream on the right side of the screen. Click Login to continue. 

6. Click Authorize App to allow Tweetgrid to access your Twitter account so you can send tweets to the party using Tweetgrid. Tweetgrid will not be able to access your Twitter password when you click Authorize App.

7. You’re in! Enter your tweet message in the Tweet: field and click Tweet! Tweetgrid will automatically send your tweet to Twitter and add the party hashtag to your tweet.

I can’t wait to tweet you (get it? Har!) at The Maker Mom’s Hack-y Holidays  Twitter party this Thursday, December 6 at 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central, 7 Mountain and 6 Pacific using the hashtags #STEMchat and #MakeTheHoliday.

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