Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 One Small Green Change New Year's Resolution Wrap Up

Instead of making a general New Year's Resolution like lose weight that I will never keep, I make one small green change each month. That way, I can evaluate whether it works for me or not. I'm more likely to keep monthly resolutions because some green changes are seasonal where I live.

I think I need to make a One Small Green Change badge or something but haven't. Here's a photo of me with nontoxic blue hair dye (Manic Panic rates a 3 Moderate Hazard on the Skin Deep Database.) and metal vintage cat eye glasses. This photo has nothing to do with this post. 

Here's the 2012 One Small Green Change Wrap Up

Update Februrary 2013: Lookie! I made the One Small Green Change graphic!

January Lactose Free Diet This one is more of a health issue than a green issue. The first month or four of trying to stick to a lactose free diet was hard because I really like and still miss cheese and quickly found vegan cheese doesn't cut it (sorry vegans.) I found milk solids and lactose hide in more food than I realize and we don't eat a lot of processed foods! Fortunately, it got easier as the year went on and really feeling the difference when I ate lactose is incentive to stay with this one. I can take an enzyme to help me digest lactose but it only works so so. Keep.

February Buy a Used Smart Phone Another keeper. I bought an Android smart phone that is much better for social media and taking photos than my Blackberry. My cellphone company (T Mobile if it makes a difference) didn't care a whit I didn't buy my phone from them and didn't blink when I used it to access my account. I also kicked some serious butt playing Tetris on it in the vet hospital waiting rooms. Keep.

March Buy Shoes That Fit I wasted a lot of resources buying shoes that were a size too big because it is easier than finding a size 4 that fits my wide feet AND doesn't light up or have cartoon characters on them. I sucked it up and shopped the boys and girls departments as needed (not much.) This one is hard because most adult size 4's are either hooker heels or granny shoes but is something I need to keep doing. Keep.

Learn how I made my Tie Dye Drop Cloth Shoes here

April Make Dandruff Shampoo  It works and has ingredients in I can pronounce and for the most part eat. Keep - Seasonal.

May Eat From the Pantry Month  While we didn't bring any new resources into the house for the month (and saved cash) with the exception of milk, I worried our recycling bin would overflow since we concentrated on finally clearing out some of the sauces, ingredients, and such from the pantry and freezer. That wasn't much of an issue because of the ingredient type food we buy and keep on hand, it was pretty much business as usual. We ate well and looked at it as a game to see how long we could extend it. We ate from the pantry for almost three month. Keep - as needed.

June See May.

July Use an Electric Razor Not shaving is the greenest practice of all but that will never happen especially during summer flirty skirt weather. I don't get as close shave as I do with a disposable razor but I also like not having to buy and run out of disposable razors either. I'll keep the electric razor but I'm not getting rid of the few disposables I have for those times when I want a closer shave. Keep - as needed.

August Buy a Lead Free Garden HoseWe like it. It works. We're keeping it. Keep.

September  Can Tomatoes. I learned to can what I could of our garden tomatoes using my new to me canning equipment my mom handed down to me. Unfortunately, our tomato plants didn't always produce enough ripe tomatoes at a time to make more than a pint or two at a time. Keep - as needed.

October Dehydrate Food Husband and I bought a cheap dehydrator at Aldi to deal with our explosion of garden herbs. Then I clued in I could preserve the tomatoes that were riping in drips and drabs in the dehydrator. Then I clued in I could dehydrate fruit and vegetables I had I the freezer in case we last power because of Hurricane Sandy. Then I killed the cheap dehydrator because I had it going non stop for days. Oops. On Hold until I get a replacement dehydrator.


November Install an Under Sink Water Filter  I like this one because we drink even more tap water than we did pre water filter tap because the water is ice cold. PS: If you drink your filtered tap water out of a mason jar glass it makes your water look like moonshine! Keep.

December Install a Water Saving Toilet  I installed a new toilet in December for December's One Small Green Change but won't be able to write up a tutorial until after the holidays. I installed the Delta Corrente toilet thanks to the friendly folks at Delta Faucet Company. It was super easy to install (promise), is more efficient at clearing the bowl than my old toilet, and uses less water!  Keep.

12 One Small Green Changes and 12 One Small Green Keepers. Not bad. How did you do on keeping your 2012 New Year's Resolutions?

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