Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lacey's First Birthday!

Our little Lacey is officially a dog. Her Puppyness celebrated her first birthday!

Just like the human members of our family, we celebrate dog birthdays (or Liberation Day if we don't know the birthday. Liberation Day is adoption day.) It is an excuse to take Lacey out for some dog appropriate fun and shower her with extra loving.

Because we are THOSE people when it comes to our dog.

Feel free to judge while I snuggle with my not a lap dog. Well, that's what her former family told us. As of last week both Husband and I are experiencing a whole lot of this.

Condo Blues Lacey
Lisa, I love to snuggle on your lap.
May we watch one more romantic comedy, pleeeeease? 

We started our day with Lacey's first visit to the dog park. We didn't know how it would go since Lacey  has issues with new dogs and people. Our plan was to give it a try. If Lacey acts out we go home and try it again later. No pressure.

 Lacey hung back a bit to check out the scene in the small dog area of the dog park. She tentatively sniffed a few dogs. Then she made friends with Muggle the Puggle (awesome dog name!) and spent the rest of the time running and having fun!

Condo Blues Lacey at dog park
Click the photo to see a larger version of doggie fun!


Condo Blues Lacey
I wish this photo captured how Lacey's eyes sparkled. 
Happy radiates from every pore.

To continue our socialization exercise (I know I'm not fooling anyone calling it that), we took Lacey to the Short North arts district.  Lacey visited the yuppy puppy pet store Posh Pets for the first time.  We told her to be prepared for more visits in the future. She said OK because the collar display makes her laugh.

You got to pee NAKED
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No? Well then, follow me here!

We bought Lacey a pink elephant toy for her birthday. Lacey said she appreciates some of  some of the money from the sale of the toy is donated to Pets of the Homeless. Lacey said she will wait at least a week before destuffing and destroying her elephant because she cares about those less fortunate than her.

dog pup cakes and toy elephant
This is the only pink elephant we saw on St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Since it was down the street (and Husband has been talking about visiting since the day we adopted Lacey) we dropped by Three Dog Bakery to buy Lacey special birthday treats. We bought Lacey a Drooly Dream Bar and a mini Pupcake .

Then we surprised Lacey with a visit  to a friend's house for pizza (for the humans) and pets (for Lacey.) They have been dying to meet our girl. Lacey did very well in a different house and with new people. She let everyone pet her and give her treats.

And give her treats.

And give her treats.

The best part of the day was yet to come.

I planned to read in an arm chair when we got home. Lacey sat to ask permission to sit on my lap per the rule we are trying to teach her. I invited her to sit with me. She snuggled in and fell asleep.

Condo Blues Lacey

Our grand day out wore out our little girl.

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