Condo Blues: 9 Ways to Grow a Better Garden

Sunday, March 27, 2016

9 Ways to Grow a Better Garden

It is Spring and time to start thinking and planning all things landscaping and gardening!

Which is challenge for people like me whose garden makes her sing the Condo Blues. Well, at least I got a blog name out of my gardening blunders that's something positive, right?

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Last summer, Husband and I cleaned up our front flower bed borders and planted a new lavender bushes to replace to big and beautiful lavender the harsh winter killed without mercy.

We want to add more flowers and plants that will bloom from Spring until Fall. I did some poking around for gardening information for our little yard and garden.

  • We learned how to design a beautiful garden without spending epic loads of money on a landscape architect for our tiny yard. 
  •  We learned how to design and plant a multi layered garden that blooms and looks pretty from Spring until Fall. 
  •  We brushed up on container and vegetable gardening, which around here are practically the same thing.  
  • Finally, we learned how to protect our plants and yard from a harsh winter. I can't tell you how much we miss sitting on the porch and watching the fattest bees you've ever seen buzzing around our lavender.

Then I thought, "Hey, I should put it all in a slide show to share it with The Most Fabulous Community on Plant Earth!" That's you! 

There are affiliate links in this slide show. If you choose to make a purchase using the link, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you that allows us to bring you great projects and money saving tips through this blog. Thank you for your support!

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