Thursday, May 15, 2008

Evil Dead Laundry Room (Really)

Husband and I had a bunch of action figures, toys, and posters in the computer room of our rental. It looked like a cross between That Old Guy Who Still Lives In His Parent’s Basement, a geek’s dorm room, and a cubical in an IT firm. Long story short – Interior Decorating Hell. 


Doesn't everyone have a Bruce Campbell bobble head on their dryer?
 Actually we have two.

Then Husband and I buy The Condo. We have a mortgage. That officially makes us Grown Ups. Grown Ups don’t decorate their homes with toys. That is until those Grown Ups have children. Grown Ups With Children are allowed to have toys strewn all over their homes without getting a citation from the Decorating Police. However, those toys aren’t decorations they are just children's toys.

The botched paint job distressed wall treatment in the laundry room gave me an idea. The walls reminded me of a roughed up cabin in the woods. Cabin In The Woods? Hey, wasn’t that the working title of the movie Evil Dead ? The nieces and nephews gave Husband some Evil Dead and Army of Darkness toys collectible action figures as gifts. 

Hmmm... I could use them to create an Evil Dead Laundry Room! Why not? It seems appropriate; after all laundry is an evil chore.

How I Decorated a Room with Toys

First, I went through the toys and pulled all of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness toys, bobble heads (a niece went through a bobble head stage. Everyone got bobble head as gifts for a while) and posters. I framed and hung the posters. I lined the bobble heads on the dryer hoping they would shake rattle and roll during the dry cycle, no such luck. However, they did just that and more even with I stuck them to my HE washer with Museum Tack. Joey Ramone will never be the same. The washer's spin cycle violently threw him off of the washing machine and broke his neck. I can't get rid of him. The Ramones' song Blitzkrieg Bop inspired me to name my dog Blitzkrieg. Back on the dryer the bobbleheads went. Including Joey.


I displayed the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness tchotchkes on The Ledge That Serves No Real Purpose.


Then, I filled in the holes with other action figures that featured red in their costumes (Harley Quinn, Spiderman, and Darth Maul) and Husband’s childhood Mego Hulk. Because, well, it’s Mego Hulk. In addition, it’s the only Mego that survived Husband’s little brother’s habit of ripping the arms off Husband’s action figures. After surviving Attack of the Little Brother Mego Hulk earned a place of honor in the room.

Later, my Inner Child decided that such a room needed a new iron board cover and draft dogers out of flaming skull fabric to round out the Evil (theme? kitsch? crap?)

I readily admit my laundry room looks like a cross between That Old Guy Who Still Lives In His Parent’s Basement, a dorm room, and a cubical in an IT firm – yep, it's still Interior Decorating Hell.

I set out to do exactly what I didn’t want because I know its bad decorating. I know its immature. I know its bad design. However, my Inner Child still likes it.

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Katie Gregg said...

LOL, why do men have so many toys???

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of owning your own home - you can decorate it any way you like. And now you have a theme room, so that's very hip according to the decorating shows I watch. I think it's great, and whatever makes you feel at home works. Great job!

Jenna said...

This is a great idea. Currently, my Buffy action figures are lined up on the top of a bookcase in my home office/guest room. I am not convinced this is the best place for them, but short of a "no more full copper repipe" homage in my basement, I can't think of a more suitable location.

Jenn said...

My inner child likes it too, so there!

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