Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fabkins – Cute Cloth Napkins for Kids!

While I don’t have kids full time, I am lucky enough to have a whole host of nieces and nephews of various ages to
run experiments on 
help me test children’s products. One of these products was Fabkins children’s napkins. Fabkins are cotton cloth napkins that are a little smaller than a full size dinner napkin and made to fit on kid’s laps and in kid’s lunchboxes.

Fabkins founders Joyce Raffo and Paige Rodgers wanted to pack waste free school lunches for their children. The moms had a hard time finding reusable cloth napkins that weren’t too big for a lunch box and that were, well, fun. They decided to make their own and Fabkins was born.


My testers gave Fabkins a big thumbs up. I do too. These cotton napkins wash and dry easily in the washing machine. They are small enough to pack in a lunchbox, which both the kids and I like. (Please note the rarity of small child and adult conesus.) I’d like to add that even though Fabkins are originally intended for children’s laps and lunchboxes that they fit very well in grownup lunch bags too. This means that even when we don’t have kid visitors at The Condo, I’m using the Fabkins - for our work lunches. So you might consider ordering an extra set of Fabkins for your workday lunches too. No more wasting money or trees on one use napkins – love that!


Fabkins cloth napkins come in sets of five. You can buy them directly from the Fabkins Website. As an added bonus, enter the use coupon code fabkins10 and the wonderful women of Fabkins will give Condo Blues readers 10% off your order. How fab is that?!

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Lisa said...

I don't have kids either but I still find these so cute. I had a friend test these for my blog awhile ago. She liked them as well.

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