Friday, October 29, 2010

Make a (Cute) No Solicitors Sign

One of the drawbacks of living in a condo community with nicely planned blocks of houses with sidewalks is that we are ripe for the picking when it comes to door to door salespeople. Now that it’s election season, it’s becoming downright unbearable! I’ve had more than one person come to the door pimping the same issue despite asking them to please take them off our visitation list. It's not that I'm politically unaware, I am more than you know. It's just that I don't want my Saturday HGTV and DIY Network coffee + snuggling doggie + dream time interrupted three times in one day with a parade of people knocking on my door about the same thing. The worst offenders are the fake water testing companies trying to tell us our water will kill us unless  we buy their product allow them to test our water.

I decided to make a No Solicitors sign.

I bought a frame at Goodwill and sanded it.
 It doesn't look like much but this frame is an achievement. I went to Goodwill looking for picture frames and came out of Goodwill with picture frames instead of picture frames plus the dozen other things that tempted me. Yay me!

I used leftover outdoor paint from my porch chair revamp project to paint my picture frame since it will live outside.

Purdy Paintbrush and Six in One Tool Review

I broke in a couple of new tools on this project too this Purdy 2.5“ paintbrush and this 6 in 1 painters tool .  I used both tools on the frame project and to paint another cabinet that is not quite ready to show you. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

I took product photos before I used the tools and got them messy.

The Purdy paintbrush held paint very well for both projects because it is made for all types of paint. The angled brushes were especially helpful when in came to painting the curves of my picture frame. Personally, I prefer an angled paintbrush to a flat one when it comes to painting walls and especially for cutting in corners. The blend of nylon and polyester in the bristles made for easy clean up.

Since I lean green, you’d think I’d like a brush made from natural materials. Well, they don’t clean up as well and I eventually end up tossing the brush. Call me a hypocrite, but if a synthetic holds up to wear and tear better because I can clean it more thoroughly and can keep it practically forever if I take care of them then it's a better return on investment for me. As always, your mileage may vary. (Purdy has a line of green brushes and roller covers, if you're interested.) 

The Purdy six in one tool is sturdier than my current five in one painters tool because of tool Number Six -  the metal end used to set nails. It's also useful to wack the lid back on a paint can when your rubber mallet is hiding under a drop cloth. I prefer multi use tools like this because I don’t have a lot of storage room in my small garage.

These are the six jobs a six in one painter's tool is designed to do.
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Finishing the Sign

I used a fun font to print the sign on white paper so it looks inviting (yes, I know that sounds strange. Just roll with it) and some paper punches to jazzy up the edges a bit. I put a pastel sheet of card stock on the back so it peeks out from the paper punches. I would have used more colorful paper but all I had was printed scrapbook paper and I wanted people to be able to read (and hopefully follow) the directions on my sign from the sidewalk. Also the pastel card stock was too heavy to go through my printer.

I  hung the framed sign next to my front door.

No Solicitors Delivery People, However, are Welcome

I think the Purdy paintbrush and the 6 in 1 paint tool work better than the sign. The day after I put the sign up I got a flyer stuck in my door. It was asking for money to help kids read. Oh, the irony!


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Anonymous said...

I think it's cute and gets your point across. Better choice than a sticker, since at least you can take this with you if you move someplace else (and most don't like scraping stickers off things).

I need a "Please don't put pizza coupons on my door, I'm not supposed to eat cheese" sign, but I think it is a little too verbose.

Robj98168 said...

I have a brass sign on my door... "Never mind the dog, BEWARE OF THE OWNER"

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Someone suggested I keep a hockey mask by the front door to put on when I answer the door when see a solicitor through the peephole. *hee*

Jennifer T. said...

I had one that says "No Solicitors" with "that means you" written smaller on it on one side and "Please do not ring bell. Baby sleeping." on the flip side. I slipped it over one of those magnetic advertisements that come glued to the front of your phonebook. And, I could slap it on our metal door. Perfect...and it worked to!

Fowl Single File said...

How very ironic, indeed. I've often struggled with the desire to have one of these signs around election time. Maybe if I make a cutesy one I won't feel like such a crumudgen hanging it on my front porch.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I changed the wording from "No Solicitors" which wasn't working to "No door to door salespeople, asking for donations, or leaving flyers. We mean it!"

A few days later someone came to the door (again!) to encourage me to vote and mail in my ballot. She admitted she didn't read the sign and couldn't understand why I was mad.

That's #3 asking me about my mail in ballot so that means I get 3 extra votes in this election, right?

A Girl In Her Kitchen said...

Great idea! I've been thinking of making one that says, "If you knock on my door and wake up my kids, I will hunt you down!" They always come at naptime.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered, do you (people with no soliciting signs) count Girl Guides/Scouts selling cookies or school kids selling whatever as soliciting?
As a Girl Guide it was always so awkward when the leader made us go to the houses with no soliciting signs.

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