Thursday, December 22, 2011

Floating Jedi Christmas Tree

Every single Christmas tree of my childhood was decorated with red glass balls and shiny gold tinsel garland. No deviation. At. All.

When I got out on my own I quickly changed that. Every Christmas tree I’ve ever had has been a collection of ornaments that coordinate but there was and is nary a shiny ball in the bunch.

Here’s the weird thing. I’m starting to jones for glass shiny ball ornaments.

When I saw not Martha’s take on shiny ball ornaments, I really wanted to run out and buy a set or seven.

Photo courtesy of notmartha.  

She made a floating Christmas tree from shiny ball ornaments! The green one is my favorite the different shades and textures of the green ornaments gives it depth.

I bet Yoda and all of his Jedi master friends have floating Christmas trees just like not martha’s.

My little mid-century modern loving heart wants to find a bunch of green crazy shaped 50’s tree ornaments and make one.

I guess this is one tree you won’t have to worry about the family cat climbing and using as an indoor kitty jungle jim. Bonus!

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Robj98168 said...

Very Cool- You don't have a tree, real OR fake. Very good. So help me Obi Wan Condo-Nobi- This tree is definitely one for the Force!

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing, it is so awesome.

Mary said...

Yes, yes - I want to make one now! This approach has a lot of possiblities.

Robj98168 - Obi Wan Condo-Nobi-HAhaha!

Merry Christmas!

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