Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Deodorize a Smoky Cell Phone

For some crazy reason, as much as Husband and I love technology and gadgets, we are not quick to upgrade our cell phones. We were early adaptors when it came to being a cell phone only family. Our phone bill when down when we dumped our landline because we didn’t have to pay long distance charges to call our families. We waited for the free weekend calls instead. Best of all, no telemarketers!

My new to me phone!
We keep our phones until they are ready to gasp for air, but not for the greenest of green reason you think. Truthfully, we hang on to our phones for so long because comparison shopping cell phones and features are frustrating, almost impossible, and make me stabby. I wish I could research and buy the phone I want independent of the service, like they do in Europe

For many reasons, it’s time to replace my four year old Blackberry (or run over my Curve’s teeny tiny always full memory with my car in frustration.)

Husband and I trooped to the store to change our plan to their current special that gives us more features at the same cost as our current plan and to price new smart phones.  We left because the staff pushed what the carrier told them to sell, which wasn’t what we wanted – to change our service plan and buy a phone outright. The store staff tried to push into a “better” plan that cost more for the services we were already using and make small payments for the life of the plan on the phone plus pay extra for a warranty. Husband and I hate making interest payments unless we can’t help it like with our car. We left empty handed.

I changed the plan to the service and price we wanted at home over the phone with our carrier.  I told them we were keeping our current phones. But I really needed a phone that I could make a call on 24/7 unlike my current phone.

A friend told me she’s selling her old iPhone on eBay to fund a future project since she got an upgrade for Christmas.

Well, DUH. I could buy a new to me cell phone off eBay!

February’s One Small Green Change is to buy a used cell phone. I like shopping for a cell phone this way because I had one browser window open researching Android smart phones and a second browser window open researching cell phone auction listings. No pushy sales people either – yay!

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S.

Husband was leery if a used cell phone would work with our carrier.

It did.

The only problem with my new to me cell phone is it REEKED of cigarette smoke. The seller didn’t mention he was a smoker.  I don’t smoke. The smell really bothered me.

I deodorized my smoky cell phone by running a damp cotton ball full of alcohol over the phone, battery, and cords. It was a temporary fix.

Next, I put my phone and cords (yes, even the cords STANK) in Pyrex container full of coffee grounds for a week. That took care of most of the odor. In desperation, I ran a Fabreeze filled cotton over the phone to get rid of last little whiffs of smoke smell.

Have you ever tried to desmoke a new to you purchase? How did you do it?

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Michelle Marie said...

I have not tried this but I wonder if putting the phone and accessories into a container and cover with either salt or baking soda would neutralize the odor?

Unknown said...

Wow, I smoke so probably wouldn't have been so bothered by that, but I had no idea that a cell phone could get smoke damaged like that. I smoke outside, and don't usually have my phone out there with me, wonder if my fingers on the touch screen will do damage? Something to think about anyway. But I must say I think you were quite kind not to demand a refund and to take something like that in stride and try to salvage it on your own.

Unknown said...

oh I feel for you Lisa. I am super sensitive to the smell of smoke. If I even walk by it I can smell it for weeks at a time. Honest to goodness truth! I am glad you finally got rid of the smoke smell!

Lisa said...

Never thought about my cell phone leaching in smells. Good to know!

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