Friday, April 13, 2012

The Week in Review and Some Other Stuff Too

Remember the friend I got into photography? The man is turning out to be quite the photographer. He casually snapped this photo of Blitzkrieg last week. It captures our boy’s personality perfectly.

I love this picture. I also love their stone kitchen floor.

I believe the student has surpassed the master. My friend good-naturedly tweaked my inner geek with some lens envy.

Which of course I had to Instagram

Or it may have been some sort of tag team ploy because while my friend distracted me with shiny toys his partner stuffed an entire single of cheese into Blitzkrieg’s very happy mouth. 

Husband and I can’t be too upset with our friends. Blitzkrieg is their surrogate dog. They immediately wanted to get together when we told them about Blitzkrieg’s lymphoma because they are amazing people.

Other Newsy Tidbits You Might Be Interested In But I Don’t Have the Personal Bandwidth to Write Each Up as a Deserving Blog Post So This Will Have to Do

(Also, Longest.Blog. Subtitle. Ever.)

Over on my food blog Lazy Budget Chef I’m :

Around the Web

  • Even bigger thanks to Rob of Rob’s World for his post HelpBlitzkrieg Fight!  I count myself lucky to have Rob in our corner (despite the on line ribbing I have to endure because of it.) Rob is one my list of Cool Blog People I Wish Were My Real Life Neighbor and not just because he is a serious gardener, posts tasty recipes, makes clever treasure from trash, or has a tool collection I’d like to borrow and “forget” to return. Well, those factors are in play but they are at least second or third on the list – maybe.
  • Many of you asked if you can put the Blitzkrieg Cancer Treatment Fund donation widget on your blogs. Again, my family is amazed at your support and our answer is a resounding YES!  If you want to use the photo of Blitzkrieg blog button I created, you can copy and past the code from this code blog below into your blog template.

Unfortunately, I can’t create a copy and past code block on my blog with  he official Go Fund Me widget code because my blog host and GoFundMe’s Javascript code are not friends and frankly kids, I’m running on fumes when it comes to debugging code this week. I cheated and took a screen capture of the Go Fund Me widget code and you can type the code into your blog by hand.

Both my button and the official widget will take donors to the Blitzkrieg Cancer Treatment Fund Donation Page.
  • Speaking of donations, if by chance, we raise more money for Blitzkrieg’s treatment than we need, we will donate the extra money to help people who can’t afford it to treat their pets medical issues. We want to pay it forward.

Earth Day Stuff

1. Staples and HP have a new technology recycling program in Staples stores nationwide. They accept all brands of the following electronics for free:
    • Desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, external hard drives and small servers
    • All computer monitors (this rocks because you usually have to pay other places to recycle CRT monitors.) 
    • Printers, desktop copiers, faxes and all-in-one devices
    •  Mice, keyboards, modems/routers networking and PC speakers 
    • Shredders, streaming devices, phones and Universal Power Supply (UPS battery backup)
    • Mobile phones, GPS devices, MP3 players, digital camcorders and digital cameras
This is an ongoing program and will be in select Staples stores, check the Staples websites at or for more information and to find a participating store near you.

2. Target  is giving away free reusable shopping totes on Earth Day, while supplies last. Limit one per guest. Get there early, I’m told these go fast!
3. Origins  is collecting empty plastic makeup containers and tubes for recycling as usual. However, if you do it on Earth Day you will get a free full size tube of face wash as a thank you!  

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