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18 Examples of Nautical and Lake Design Style

I'm missing boating and Lake Erie living which is crazy tunes because as soon as you could say, "graduation" I packed my bags and ran screaming from my small nautical home town on Lake Erie. The running joke is everyone in that town is rich and has a boat because of the large small boat harbors downtown and in the neighborhoods near the lake that have boat docks in their backyards. This  isn't entirely true because if you look at the registries on those boats most of them are registered to Cleveland addresses.

The town started as a fishing village and that infulence influence is everywhere. Boat anchors, lighthouses, fishing nets, floats, and the like are so common in garden and home decor it is practically a city ordinance.

I didn't know bathrooms weren't all nautical or beach themed until I moved away. True story.

It always feels weird not to find old boating stuff at yard sales because so many of them back home were full of old boat stuff. It was normal if you have old life rings and the like that are not safe to as boating equipment anymore, you put them in your yard sale for others to use as cute decorative reuse. A decorator's dream!

Since I live a little too far away to hit the hometown yard sales every week and I'm feeling a little homesick for boating, I put together a Lake Erie Nautical Style Board. Enjoy!

BC LOCALS ONLY sign - because there are a few private beaches in town.

Titus Dining Table Rusty Elm Wood Top would be at home on a backyard deck or patio overlooking Lake Erie.

Jonathan Adler anchor sculpture - Boat. Anchors. Everywhere. Signs, lawns, business names - everywhere. Did I say everywhere? Everywhere!

In the Breeze 40 Flag String Maritime Signal Flag garland Very few pleasure craft use signal flags other than for decoration - and yes, I had doodads growing up with my name spelled out in signal flags.

Locker Room Cabinet something you might see in the employee locker room at the pool or one of the boat arenas or at the boat arena that also had a private pool.

Lighthouse Votive Candle Lamp Because garden lighthouses are so common it is practically a city ordinance to have one in your front yard.

10" Blue Glass Fishing Net Float - I've never seen a glass float holding up a net while boating on the lake, I have seen lots of glass floats decorating restaurants, businesses, and living rooms.

Expedition Iron Mirror with Polished Nickel Hanger because it reminds me of a large port hole!

WCWL Sailor Supply Company est. 1825 sign. On a good day, you might see a tall ship sailing on the lake in addition to the dozen of personal sail boats enjoying the Lake Erie breeze.

Square Jute Pouf Rope detail is everywhere in nautical decor because real rope is prettier than the more practical nylon rope in use today.

Set Lamp reminds me of the old search lights in old fashioned lighthouses. Now everything is automated.

Suave Hurricane candle lantern reminds me of an old timey boat lamp.

Shine Company Marina Adirondack Folding Chair Lake Erie sunsets are best enjoyed chilling in an Adirondack chair.

Nautical Anchor Toss Pillow  This is an indoor outdoor pillow. I can see it on the red Adirondack chair on a deck, in a living room, or in someone's boat cabin.

Small Heart - Only Mother Nature and Lake Erie surf can make the lovely texture of driftwood.

BC TO THE BEACH sign I spent lots of summers with my toes in the sand at the beach. When I was a older, my friend drove her family's boat to my beach where I swam out to board so we could go water skiing. TIP: If you want very well behaved teens, trust them with the privilege of boating without parent supervision that can be taken away the moment any of the allowed teens even think about stepping out of line.

Canvas Rug #7 The number on this canvas rug reminds me of a sail.

Blue bobo waves placemat Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes. Storms and dangerous waves can and do kick up within a moment's notice.

Many of you asked how I make my mood boards. I use Project Decor. It is free to sign up and use, which I like because free is good. I also like you can add your own photos of items to your board if you don't see anything you have in mind for your mood board in their galleries. This isn't an ad or anything but since many of you asked, I'll let you know you can sign up to make inspiration boards on Project Decor here.

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