Thursday, October 31, 2013

Highball Halloween Party!

Happy Halloween!

Today is one our favorite holidays because it is all about frivolous fun. I got my costumer on and made a rare set of matching costumes for Husband and I to wear to this year’s Highball Halloween party. We were Raving Rabbids!


I’m glad I made our full length Rabbid suits from fleece. It was freezing that night!

I’m not happy with our head pieces despite my very intense research (meaning I played a lot of Rayman Raving RabbidsRaving Rabbids 2, Raving Rabbids TV Party, and Raving Rabbids Travel in Time.) I ended up attaching our ears to hats we had in our costume closet due to time. Fortunately people knew who we were because we figured our Rabbids costumes needed costumes because crazy costumes are a feature in the video games.

Husband wore a crazy cowboy hat. I wore Husband’s Hawaiian shirt and my DSLR camera (not pictured because it is taking our picture) to go as the Rabbid from the cover of the Raving Rabbids 2 game.

It was also an excuse to make my big girl camera part of 
my costume so I can take pictures of Highball for you!

If Mardi Gras and Halloween had a baby it would be Highball Halloween.  There are costumes, giant puppets, food, kid’s activities during the day, a pet costume contest, a professional designer contest (oh yeah, we have clothing brands and designers in Columbus. How about that?), a costume contest for regular folks, and this year they worked with the local Latino/a community to add Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) zone to Highball.

The people working the giant puppets danced with us and posed for photos.

Actually that was our reaction to everything. We got more in character as the evening went on to entertain ourselves and stay warm by jumping around and screaming like crazed Rabbids.

We met Beetlejuice and Lydia on the way to their wedding.


The sugar skull bride and groom wished them good luck. Or was that good luck to Lydia for getting out of marrying Beatlejuice? Hard to say.


The Avengers Thor, Iron Patriot, and US Agent (a variation on Captain America) made sure everyone behaved nicely.


They also saved us from a Sharknado!


Romy and Michelle were grateful for that because they came here to tell everyone here they invented the Post It Note.


As the giant puppets danced.


Then things started to get weird.

I pinned a bunch of costume ideas on my Pinterest boards for Highball (follow Condo Blues on Pinterest, pretty please?) and then I met a Pinterest costume at Highball I am going to pin on my Pinterest boards.

She had markers and blank paper so people could make pins. Ha!

Later the Ohio State marching band turned into a giant T Rex, stomped down the field, and ate someone while we watched the game on a giant screen in the tailgate zone.

I am not joking. Take a look at the video I embedded below. Not only that but the band helps Clark Kent change into Superman and save the day, makes Harry Potter fly, and sinks Michigan’s battle pirate ship in an epic battle that ends in fireworks!

Because in Columbus nothing stands in the way of an Ohio State football game. Not even Halloween.

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