Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Felt Peep Easter Bunting

You know it is Easter season when Peeps start peeping their wee little face at you from rows upon rows of packages in the candy aisle. Love them or hate them - their seems to be no in between - it is full on Peep Season.

I like marshmallows but for some reason, eating marshmallow Peeps is not my thing. But decorating with Peeps? That's something I am into.

Photo courtesy of Make

I don't know what it is about the Bunny Peep, I think its so stinkin' cute! Maybe it's the simple eyes and lack of mouth that gives it a wide eyed surprised look,"What?! You are going to EAT ME?! Oh, OK. I'm a Peep after all."

What do you mean you don't hear your Easter candy talk to you before you eat it? Maybe that's why I can't bring myself to eat a Peep. Or maybe it is a sign that I'm crazy. You pick!

I won't be eating Easter Peeps anytime soon and decorating with real Peeps is just a sugar ant invasion waiting to happen, I am going to use Make''s tutorial and make myself some Peeptastic Easter decor!

This is a great stash bust project. How she makes ribbon from fabric is one of those forehead slap genius ideas that you never realized has been staring you in the face the whole time.

Scoot on over to Make to print out her Peep pattern and read her simple sewing tutorial (you could probably use hot glue if you don't sew):

TUTORIAL: PEEPS Bunny Bunting and Door Hangers


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