Sunday, May 22, 2016

How to Make a Small Space Sandpaper Organizer

It's amazing what you find when you decide it is time to clean and organize a workbench or workshop.

In my case it is sandpaper.

Lots of sandpaper.

Like embarrassing amounts of specific grits I bought because I though I didn't have it, when not only did I have it, I have epic loads of it because I kept losing it in my messy and disorganized garage and workshop.

I'm sure all of you organized crafters and DIYers cannot relate at all to this. (Although I'd feel less like a slob if you do.)

Dollar store sandpaper organizer!
That's what happens when I get tired of storing a mount of objects on my workbench top after creating a motivational gallery wall above the workbench in the garage.

So I started poking around Pinterest (follow me @condoblues pretty please?) looking for workshop sandpaper storage and organizers and coming up empty because I work in a small space.  I'm too short to reach all of the organizers I saw hanging on the wall over a workbench.

Funny thing, I found the inspiration solution on the Craftsman website when I was on there dreaming about lawnmowers. Sorry about the weird stream of conscious thing but our lawn service has given us so many excuses about not cutting our grass (that I'm allergic to) that  is almost as tall as Lacey. Grrr!

But that is a different story for a different day.

Under normal sandpaper levels I would just buy the Craftsman Sandpaper Portfolio  I saw on line. It comes loaded with sheets of sandpaper separated by labeled grit in its own portfolio pocket. It is just thing I need to store sandpaper flat or next to the sanders in my workbench.

I included an affiliate links in this post for your convenience.

Not to mention, I have a big serious crush on Craftsman because every time I walk into  the Sears tool department to buy something, they have never, ever treated me like some dumb girl buying what her husband told her to buy, unlike my experiences in other stores.

Unfortunately,  I have enough sandpaper to build a house full of furniture and still have sandpaper to spare. Seriously. That. Much. Instead, I swung by the dollar store and picked up an expanding file folder, labeled each folder,  and organized my mountain of sandpaper.

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I can store various sizes of sandpaper for my belt, detail, and sheet sanders by grit flat which keeps the sandpaper from curling in humid weather in my small shop space.

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