Sunday, September 11, 2016

How to Make a DIY Fall Flower Wreath

I used to design a door wreath by buying all of the cute flower picks I like and then figuring out what to do with them after I got home.  That almost always lead to me making something I wasn't happy with because it often looked like a Hodge Podge of unsymmetrical stuff that didn’t always coordinate in color, size or texture.

Because I bought a Hodge Podge of unsymmetrical stuff that didn’t always coordinate in color, size or texture for the project and didn't think about them beyond, "How pretty! I'm buying it!"

I knew I had to change my ways after reorganized my craft room and finding more wreath making supplies than my small house can hold.


How to Make a Wreath


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Now, when I’m planning a wreath (or any DIY, craft, or design project) I do a basic dry fit by stacking/arranging flower picks and elements I’m interested in using in my hand or on the wreath surface in the store as I’m selecting them.  This way I know I will have enough background high, middle element medium, and foreground low elements that coordinate for the look I want when it is time to make my project.

 I have to eyeball it because I can't cut the flower picks apart in the store to get the full look of what I want to go where.

If also saves me from buying too many project supplies and trying to find a place to store them and forget about them for a future project that may never come.

This is everything I need to make my autumn outdoor wreath. I bought it all at the thrift store. The flowers were new with tags, the grapevine wreath is gently used.

 Now that I have a plan and all of the supplies, it is time to cut my flower picks apart with a pair of wire cutters and twist the wire stems as I envision before hot gluing them to the wreath form.

I like to cut the stems long at first when I am laying out elements in real life. I cut the stems short and to size before I hot glue them into place on my wreath form.

Then I snip, twist, poke, arrange, glue my way through attaching all of my fall flowers to the grapevine wreath.

 To bow or not to bow? That is the question...

 I decided to forgo an orange bow based on some of the other elements I am using to decorate my patio.  The only thing left to do is hang my Fall wreath and admire it!

Ta Da!

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