Sunday, December 17, 2017

Zero Waste DIY Recycled Penguin Gift Box

I finished the last of my birthday mango green tea (thanks sis!) just in time to recycle the tea container into a cute little penguin gift box.

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If you don’t have a round tea container, you can use any round container you have like an oatmeal, snack container, or what have you.

You will need:

Round container

Black, white, and orange craft paper

Mod Podge

Paint brush

Self adhesive wiggle eyes



Optional: Scrap paper and round objects to trace to make a pattern

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Step by Step How to Make it:

1. Cut the black craft paper to size and use the Mod Podge and paintbrush to cover the lid and container with black craft paper. 

If your craft paper isn't big enough to cover the entire container liek mine, don't worry. We'll take care of the in Step 4.

2. Optional: Trace several round objects on a piece of scrap paper to sketch out the penguin's white eyes and tummy. Cut the pattern out with the scissors.

3. Use the pencil to either trace the pattern you made in Step 2 or to freehand the the penguin's white eyes and tummy and use the scissors to cut the paper to shape.

4. Use the Mod Podge and paintbrush to glue the penguin’s eyes and tummy to the front of the lid and container.

5. Attach the wiggle eyes to the lid.

6. Use the scissors to cut a triangle for the penguin's nose and two half circle’s for the penguin's feet from the orange craft paper. Use the Mod Podge and brush to glue them into place.

7. Use the scissors to cut two oblong wing shapes from the black craft paper. Use the Mod Podge and brush to attach them to the sides of the penguin. Allow the glue to dry completely.

8. Rip off the penguin's head, fill it with a gift, replace it, and give with wild abandon!

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