Wednesday, February 7, 2018

16 of the BEST DIY Green Cleaning Products and Solutions You Need to Try Right Now!

Often people ask me how I have time to do all of the DIY I do on Condo Blues. My not so secret secrete is most of my crazy experiments happen when I'm trying to find something, anything, to keep myself occupied during my yearly Cabin Fever. 

Otherwise this is what I'm like from mid January until June.

I don't know who made or owns this gif (please let me know so I can credit them)
 but it often the image in my head when I see outside my window

Like one of my very first bosses used to say, if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean. Hey, it's not my favorite activity but making and experimenting with homemade cleaners keeps me from going full blown Mary Mae Mobley then let the Crazy Experiment Time begin!

Oh, yeah, and having a clean house using nontoxic - and cheap! - green cleaners is an added bonus. Not to mention, I can slide the money I save into the Something More Fun Fund when summer finally rolls around.

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So scoot over to my food blog Lazy Budget Chef to read my post

16 of the Best Homemade Cleaning Products and DIY Cleaning Solutions

Your house -  and wallet  - will thank you!

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