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15 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Store on the Back of a Bedroom Closet Door

I like living in a condo, but there are days when small space living feels a little too small. One of my favorite daydreams to is to have a bedroom full of closets that are bigger on the inside like Doctor Who’s TARDIS (learn more about my favorite sci fi show here.) Oh, think of how many shoes they could hold! *drool*

Sadly Time Lord technology is not available to Earthlings (and firmly lives in the land of make believe,) which means I have to find and use as much clever and often looked over storage space to organize my clothes – by using the back of our closet doors.

I use a combination of door organizers that hook over the door (which perfect for renters!) and screw into the door itself. If you want to hang your organizers on a hollow core door, you will need to install drywall and hollow core door anchors like these first.  That’s what I use on my hollow core closet doors and I haven’t had anything come crashing down yet! (Disclosure: I am including some big bold affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

15 Small Space Bedroom Closet Organizers You Need Right Now!

5 things you didnt know you can store on the back of a bedroom closet door
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The easiest way to add more hanging closet rods to a small closet is with this closet rod organizer.I use a similar extra closet rod in my laundry room to hang shirts on hangers after I immediately (on a good day) pull them out of the dryer to cut down on ironing.

I am personally considering buying this over door bag hanger to organize my purses and a second one for the kitchen closet to store my reusable shopping bags to replace the jumble of bags on my closet floor.

You can also use this organizer to store reusable shopping totes in your kitchen!

If you don’t want hangers sliding around the closet rod when you open and clothes the door, consider saving closet space with this hanger loop organizer that keeps everything in place when the door moves. 

When I first bought my small house I used a shoes shelf organizer and I always had a pile of shoes on the floor because they fell off the shelves when the door moved. This upside down shoe rack  solves that problem with pegs.

Finally a good hanging storage solution for tall boots!

If you have narrow closet doors, consider this cloth pocket shoe storage option specifically for narrow doors. You can use this to store scarves, hats, belts, ties, and accessories too! If you need a hanging pocket organizer with several sizes of pockets then consider this multi-pocket door organizer from Real Simple.

I use one of these to organizer extra toiletries on the back of my narrow linen closet door

If you need something with wider pockets to store children’s toys or accessories consider this 8 wide pocket hanging wall organizer to save space in your baby nursery, closet, children's room, craft room, or home office.

 If you don’t need 8 pockets you can buy a 4 wide pocket version here.

If you only need extra temporary hanging closet space consider this fold down hanging closet organizer. I use a similar on the back of the door of my guest room/craft room for guest since the closet is crammed full of fabric.

Put your door knobs to use with this hanging jewelry holder what I especially like about this organizer is that you can also use it to store nail polish or makeup and the hook and loop jewelry loops keep necklaces and bracelets in place when the door moves.

My husband organizes his ties with this hanging tie rack and  also have one to store  my scarves (I’m a scarf diva.) We hang them from a closet rod but if that space is at a premium, them the door knob is your storage friend!

This baby diaper caddy and nursery storage organizer is made with several hanging options to store all things baby (including cloth diapers if you chose) with a hard plastic body prevent from sagging with heavy items.

I use this exact adjustable wire storage rack on the back of several closet doors to organize and store cleaning supplies, spices, and accessories not only are they useful but durable too!

 This over the door mirror jewelry box  holds rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. It comes in a variety of colors to match your decor. It's a fantastic storage option if you have a walk in closet that doesn't give you space to use a traditional jewelry box like mine. 

If you have a bedroom armoire, put the back of those doors to use with these over cabinet door organizer hooks. They also work great in your bathroom!  

Want more hanging closet organizer solutions? Check out the following options - and more!- below!

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Teresa B said...

Great suggestions. The hanging jewelry holder is a wonderful idea, I need to get one for my closet.
Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party!

Southern Sunflowers said...

Many good options for organization! I've been looking for a door system for one of our closets.

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