Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Costume Sewing Bee

My renaissance festival performer friends and I recently got together for a sewing bee of sorts. We all have slightly different costuming, prop making, and sewing skill sets which is a fantastic resource when you aren’t quite sure how to make the item you’ve drafted on paper or, like me, its been awhile since you’ve built a particular garment and a second pair of eyes would be massively helpful before you cut fabric incorrectly and hope the store has more.

Or is that just me?

ren fair garb sewing bee
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For one glorious afternoon we turned a condo clubhouse into a dressmaking workshop just like in the movie Cinderella but without the birds and mice helping with construction.

But let me tell you I totally would have taken Fairy Godmother’s help with her wand. Just sayin’.

Most of the items we worked on were fabric sewing and machine embroidery projects, I was really excited to see this leather bodice come together. I might have to find an excuse to try leather working...

make a leather bodice
Leather crafting!

There were fittings and finishings.

Renaissance Festival nobleman garb
 Elizabethan noble costume! So Fancy!

And a lot of make from scratch beginnings.

iron as you sew sewing tip

Not to mention a lot of sharing sewing tips, tricks, ideas, and supplies. I used real pattern drafting paper to make this jester hat pattern while I was there instead of newspaper for the first time ever! It is lovely to work with!

use pattern drafting paper for sewing

I was there more to help other folks if they needed it and camaraderie. After spending months learning how to quilt to make the fabric for my new jester bodice I hit a stopping point waiting for a delivery of coresetry supplies. I needed to step away from the sewing studio a bit after a nerve wrecking evening finally cutting the bodice pieces from the fabric panels I spent months making.

hand sewn jester motley bodice
This is before I pressed it. My focus is the diamonds over the banding being off in places. I don't think it will as noticeable once I sew it into a garment. Most of the oops parts are going to fall under my arm pit.  

What road trip wouldn't be complete without a junk food treat? On the way home, I swung by The Dorothy Lane Market to buy their magical and dedicate Killer Brownies for my husband because I couldn't believe he never tasted one. I can deal with not being able to eat most dairy filled treats with the exception of Killer Brownies. I miss you KBs I truly do.

Photographic evidence that I am the best wife ever.

Looking for more sewing ideas? Check out my favorite picks - and more!- below!

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Unique creations by Anita said...

Beautiful work, well done.

Jennifer Wise said...

What a fun way to make those gorgeous costumes! :)

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