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Spa Bathroom Remodeling Plan

Before you start any type of home improvement update or remodel you should come up with a design plan first. This way, you can decide on what to keep, skimp, or splurge to keep your project on time and on budget.

Do you know the absolute worst time to toss out your original plan and make a new one from scratch?

When your room looks like this.

condo builder bathroom demo
Demo day!

My original guest bathroom design plan had us giving the bathroom sink and vanity a makeover.

On demo day I found black mold growing on the back of the bathroom vanity which made it completely unusable.

And just like that, my beachy remodeling plan got tossed just like the mold ridden vanity.

This is what I’m working with. I swapped out the bathroom faucet as soon as it arrived because the solenoid on the original bathroom touch faucet went out *sad face*

builder small condo bathroom remodel before

Guest Bathroom Remodel Before

The elements I have to coordinate with are the faucet, replacement toilet, and the porcelain slate floor tile that are already sitting in my garage.

brown porcelain slate bathroom floor tile
The star of the decorating show!

After discovering that the original bathroom vanity was made out of cheap particle board covered in a weird wood contact paper kind of thing, my husband and I agreed that a solid wood vanity is the only way to go for quality.

Because hey, if you’re going to go over budget, you might as well go big or go home!

I window shopped my little heart out and presented my husband with my top two choices (because my husband HATES window shopping. I found early on it is best for me to do the leg work and present him with my top choices just like I would do for any client I work with) and he immediately picked my number one choice without prompting, which was also 70% because it was being discontinued.

Which made me love him more than I already do.

The new vanity slid the d├ęcor towards Spa rather than Beach, which is fine because it is always nice to try new things.

Here’s the new guest bathroom design plan.

small bathroom spa decor

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(Disclosure: I am including affiliate links that will allow you to shop this look!)

Wall Paint: Dutch Boy Dura Clean Kitchen & Bath Interior paint in Watering Hole. This paint is made for high moisture areas and is supposed to be mold and mildew resistant. I haven’t heard of or tried it before now but after dealing with the black mold problem I am going to do everything I can to ensure I never have to deal with mold or mildew again!

Ceiling Paint: Dutch Boy  Forever Interior Flat Paint + Primer Ceiling – White. I took the original wall color to the ceiling to make the room look bigger (it does.) I want to go back to white. This paint + primer will hopefully eliminate the need for a primer coat. It is also mildew resistant, Greenguard Gold certified for air quality, made just up the way in Cleveland, Ohio, and it just happened to be on sale when I bought the wall paint – woot.

Floor Tile: Porcelanico porcelain slate (special order from America’s Floor Source)

Shower tile:  I’m keeping the white square builder tile because I like the white and wall color contrast. If I were to change it I’d change it to white subway tile which is practically the same thing for a lot more work. I’m also keeping the bathtub.

Faucet – I feel head over heels in love with this luxury Brizo Virage bathroom faucet the first time I laid eyes on her on a tour of Delta Faucet Company Headquarters. I wrestled with splurging on it  but considering I have a second bathroom remodel in my near future, I found a very close second in the Delta Everly bathroom faucet (you can only buy it here)  for $500 less than the delicious Brizo faucet. Done!

Shower Curtain Rod: Bino Brushed Nickel shower Curtain Rod.
Bathroom Vanity Mirror: I will paint the current thrift store mirror black to look like this Black Oval Mirror here.
 Bathroom vanity:  discontinued. You can find similar Home Depot Decorator’s Collection bathroom vanities here. 
Towel bar, hooks, and hardware: Delta Sandover Brushed Nickel. I didn’t want to go too matchy matchy by using the Everly collection that matches the faucet.

Shower curtain:  mDesign Embroidered 100% Cotton Shower Curtain

Toilet : I’ve replaced everything in the current toilet at least once until it decided it didn’t want to work anymore. Probably because it knew I planned on replacing it. I’m considering this Turner Watersense rated toilet here.

Showerhead:- I upgraded the builder grade showerhead to this water efficient 2-in-1 Dual Hand Held Shower Head long ago. It is is great for giving the dog a bath. It stays.

I’m not sure what to do with the bathroom vanity light.

beachy nautical bathroom decor

Help a girl out. What do I do with this?

I upgraded the horrific builder Hollywood light to the current one after we moved in because it reminded me of ocean waves. I’m not sure if I should keep it, paint it, or change it. What do you think?

Looking for more quick and easy spa bathroom decoration ideas? Check out the following options - and more! - below!

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