Sunday, July 26, 2020

3 Quick and Easy DIY Face Mask Lanyards

When I have to go out and about on a necessary errand to two, I'm required to wear a cloth face mask.

  As always, I try to batch my errands to save gas (eco friendlier and all) and most importantly, time. 

 Which means, I usually take off my mask by the ear loops when I get back into the car. Then I hunt to find where it shifted around while I was driving to my next stop when it is time to put the mask back on again (always using the ear loops as recommended!) I need a better way to keep track of my cloth face mask in between the short times I remove it and need to put it back on again.

 I took my inspiration from the floating sunglasses strap similar to this one  I use when I’m at a water park or pool to keep my sunglasses from sinking if they are accidentally knocked off my face. In no time at all I a cloth face mask lanyard. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

 Well, actually I made 3. Two handmade face mask lanyards and one cloth face mask chain because it is such a quick and easy project to do.

 Let’s make stuff!

  3 quick easy face mask lanyard tutorials

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Homemade Face Cloth Chain Tutorial


how to make an easy face mask chain

This chain lanyard is probably easy to figure out how to make from the photo but I'm writing a tutorial anyway


You will need the following supplies:

 Necklace chain – I used this exact paperclip chain for this project because I because I’m not the greatest when it comes to closing jump rings used to attach lobster clasps to the end of jewelry chains.


2 lanyard hooks lanyard hooks look like this 


Jewelry wire cutter like this one – if needed


Note: If you want to use a chain with links that are too small to attach a lanyard hook through (you can find jewelry chain here) you will also need 2 jump rings (you can buy jump rings here,) 2 lobster clasps (you can buy jewelry making lobster clasps here), and jewelry making pliers (you can find jewelry making pliers here)



Step by Step How to Make It Tutorial:


1. If needed use the jewelry wire cutters to cut an 18 inch piece of jewelry chain.

2. Attach either a lanyard hook or a lobster clasp and jump ring to each side of the chain.

Easy DIY face mask neck chain

So easy!


  • If you are using a chain with large links: Slip the lanyard hook in the opening of the chain.
  • If you are using a chain with small links: Use the jewelry pliers to open a jump ring, thread a lobster clasp onto the jump ring, and use the jewelry pliers to close the jump ring.

 3. Use the hooks/clasps to attach your face mask chain to each ear loop of your mask.


Homemade Face Cloth Beaded Lanyard Tutorial


how to make a beaded cloth face mask necklace holder
Easy! Pretty! (And pretty easy too!)

 You will need the following supplies:


Beading string or wire – you can find a variety of beading cords here


Beading needle – This is what a beading needle looks like


Beads –  I like to buy beads here because they have a good on line selection and I usually need more than I can find IRL in the store


2 lobster clasps like these


Jewelry wire cutter like this one 



Step by Step How to Make It Tutorial:

 1. If needed use the jewelry wire cutters to cut an 18 inch plus several extra inches (we will use these to attach the clasps) piece of jewelry wire/string/cording.

 2. Thread the beading needle and tie/attach one lobster clasp to the open end of the cord.

 3. String your beads!


3 quick and easy DIY face mask lanyards

I went with randomly stringing these exact acrylic pearl craft beads because I like the variety of size and colors that came in the package


4. When you have strung the beads to the desired length, tie/attach the lobster clasp to the other end of the beaded lanyard.

 5. Use the hooks/clasps to attach your face mask chain to each ear loop of your mask.


How to Make a Face Mask Chain From an Eyeglass Neck Chain/Holder


You will need the following supplies:


Eye glass  holder – you can find a variety of eyeglass holders and chains here


2 lanyard hooks lanyard hooks look like this 


1. Slip one lanyard hook onto the loop on both sides of the sunglasses holder/chain.

2.  Use the hooks to attach your face mask chain to each ear loop of your mask.


If you’d rather buy than DIY, check out the following eyeglass chains you can use as face mask holders – and more! – below!

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Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Having the pretty lanyards in a great idea and you made such pretty ones.
Thanks for the blog visit today to my beauty post. Hope you have a nice week.

Richella Parham said...

This is brilliant! So many times lately I've found myself fishing in my purse for my face mask.

Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

freshvintagebylisas said...

My husband dropped me off at a store and I realized I forgot my mask!
Fortunately I was able to pull my tshirt over my face- all this to say brilliant solution to a problem we never dreamed we would have!
Take care friend!
xo Lisa S

SShuuks said...

what size lobster clasps did you use for the second options?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

The size info isn't in the storage jar. It is about a 0.55in/14mm or 0.63in/16mm lobster clasp

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