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How to Make a Recycled Wine Cork Wall Organizer

After putting the job off as long as humanly possible, it is time to clean and reorganize my craft room.  Every craft supply and tool found an organized storage space with the exception of my embroidery hoops. I kept moving them place to place during the decluttering project. It didn’t help matters that I added several big and hard to store machine embroidery hoops to the mix when I got a sewing and embroidery machine for my birthday.  

how to organize machine embroidery hoops

Her name is Bernadette. She can sew everything from chiffon to leather and has so many settings and features it is like flying a rocket ship. Cool, I always wanted to be an astronaut! 

 I sat and looked around the room trying to find a place for more storage. After quite a bit of time (I may have also been streaming Netflix) I found it – blank wall space under a shelf.  Great!

One of the things I like about cleaning, decluttering, and organizing a creative space is rediscovering supplies (fancy talk for I forgot I had that!)  I almost always end up using the found objects to make storage and organizers for the item I uncovered that don’t have a good store bought solution including this one. 

I solved the problem by making a quick and easy wall organizer from wine corks!  I am hanging embroidery hoops on my wine cork organizer but you can use the same idea to store anything you like. Jewelry, hats, scarves - heck! I have a similar wine cork hook hanging in my pantry for aprons!


Wine corks are a renewable craft supply resource around here.


DIY Recycled Wine Cork Organizer Idea


how to make wine cork wall hooks
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 You will need the following supplies:

Unfinished craft wood plaque – you can find a unfinished wood sign similar to the one I used here

Wine corks – if you don’t have any or enough wine corks for your project you can buy recycled wine corks here

Craft paint

Paint Brush


Manual screwdriver – an electric drill with a countersink drill bit like this one is mighty helpful too

Wood Screws


(Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)


Step by Step How to Make it Tutorial:

1. Use the craft paint and paint brush to paint the wood plaque and allow it to dry. I painted mine solid black but you can choose whatever color you like. You can even paint it with a design. Get creative – paint stripes, dots, a picture, decoupage it - go nuts!


2. Turn the plaque over and mark on the unpainted side with a pencil where you want to place the wine cork hooks. I used six wine corks because I found it works better to hang my large embroidery hoops on two hooks instead of one. Again, you can choose whatever size and number of organizing spaces you’d like.


diy wine cork wall organizer
It helps if you have an example of what you want to hang on the wine corks to help you determine how many recycled corks you need and where to place them on the board.


3. Optional but very helpful step: Use the drill and countersink drill bit to drill pilot holes in places you marked on the wood plaque. Drilling a pilot hole will help keep the wood from splitting when you attach the screws to the wood. You don’t have to, but it may make Step 4 a little easier.


4. From the unfinished side of the plaque, use the screwdriver to drive a wood screw into each place you want to put a wine cork hook. 


5. Turn the plaque painted side up and manually screw a wine cork onto each screw.


recycled wine cork crafts
Almost done!

6. Hang it up and get organized! My wood plaque did not come with a hanger attached. I used picture hanging hardware from a picture hanging kit similar to this one to hang my wine cork organizers on the wall.


how to make a wine cork organizer
Hoop! There it is!

Rather buy than DIY? Check out these quick and easy wall storage ideas – and more! – below!

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