Monday, August 16, 2021

The Greatest Waterproofing Spray Can Hack of All Time

I made a new canvas cover for an outdoor umbrella. Naturally I wanted to waterproof the canvas. If I can keep the sun from fading the color, that would be nice too.

The most eco friendly way to waterproof fabric is to coat it in melted beeswax. It's a messy process and  I'm afraid the wax coating will melt in the high heat days of summer we like to describe as Hell's Front Porch.

A fabric waterproofing spray is the easiest and least messy way to go. Since I am doing this project outside while wearing a dust mask, I used this exact Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield Spray because it repels water and UV ray resistant. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.) Although truthfully, I wasn't looking forward to the finger cramps and pain and uneven coating result of using a traditional aerosol spray can - until I hacked it!

When I noticed the button on the can of Scotchguard looked like it was the same size the large button on a can of spray paint, I had a flash of inspiration and hoped it would work. I made my aerosol spray can pain free by grabbing this exact wide button spray paint trigger, excuse me comfort grip from the garage and attached it to the Scotchguard can. It fit! 


how to spray scotchguard waterproofing spray evenly
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I used the trigger to spray an easy even coat of waterproofing spray on a piece of scrap fabric. The spray can trigger performed like it was born for this job!The dried paint on the trigger didn't transfer color to the fabric (otherwise I would have bought a new one) and applied several since, even coats of waterproofing spray to my parasol.

A little later I needed to spray starch fabric for an big machine embroidery project. The spray starch can has a smaller nozzle than my current spray paint trigger works with. No problem! I bought this exact small nozzle spray paint trigger gun, plunked it on top of the spray starch, and worked sprayed  all day long. No painful spray paint finger cramps here!

I love it when one of my crazy ideas, actually works!

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