Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Quick and Easy DIY Nautical Stitch Markers

I’m still very new to the whole crocheting hobby thing. I’m still fumbling around and losing count of stitches on simple projects which usually means I have to rip out sections and stitch them over (and over and over) again. I can’t tell you how many months it took me to make a simple hat. I had to switch patterns  at least three times before I could find one that I could understand how to follow it all the way through.

The key to my success (other than using a top down pattern with 2 stitches) is the instructions used stitch markers at various parts of the process.


OK, I guess I could use some stitch markers then!

Naturally all of the stores were closed by this time. I poked around on line and saw that the only stitch markers I could by locally and immediately are really just bulb safety pins, which fortunately, I had leftover from a previous project.

I finished the hat and a few little projects before jumping into crocheting a Faeroe style shawl. After ripping out a section for the sixth time (I lost count) I figured a stitch marker would help me identify where I need to make transition stitches.

So I guess I need to keep removable crochet stitch markers in my little pouch of crochet tools.

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Since I need to keep these little guys with me, I want cute. I'd also like something that is a little easier to see against yarn than a black pin.

So I decided to make a set of stitch markers from beads and charms I had in my craft stash longer than I care to admit.

You will need the following supplies to make stitch markers:

Bulb safety pins – I am using these exact bulb safety pins you can buy them in a range of colors

Beads and charms – if you can thread a pin through it, you can use it to decorate a stitch marker! I found it easier to go on the smaller side when using string beads. The hanging pendant type beads and charms worked the best.

You can find nautical charms similar to the type of used here 

You can find metal and stone charms similar to mine here

You may want to consider using number beads like these f you are awesome at miscounting and losing count of stitches *raises hand*

 (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for you convenience)

Step by Step How to Make DIY Stitch Makers

1.Unhook the bulb safety pin. Slip the bead(s) onto the pin and close it.


how to make knitting crochet stitch markers

That. Easy.

Rather buy than DIY? Check out the unique stitch markers and crochet tools – and more! - below!

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Lydia from Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen said...

I like those bulb pins, too. They're also useful when you need to block a large project with wires. You attach the bulb pins to the work and slip the wire through the opening. Much easier than threading through your hard worked fabric!

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