Friday, June 17, 2022

How to Add Pockets to Skirts and Dresses Without Sewing

Women’s summer dresses are notorious for not having pockets. The same goes with women’s skirts, shorts, skorts, pants and everything else because the arbiters of fashion don’t think women have stuff they want to carry in a pocket.

Yeah, yeah. I know I can carry stuff in a purse. But carrying a purse is sometimes a hassle, like say at a party or BBQ or days that end in a Y. That’s one of the reasons I started sewing my own summer skirts and dresses. I can add as many functional pockets as I want to, take that clothing designers!

Well. Mostly.

I found some fun Captain America cotton fabric that would look super cute if I made it using my favorite retro wrap sundress pattern (you can find the Simplicity 8085 sewing pattern I used here) to wear on the Fourth of July. Or our local Marvel Comics exhibit. Or to watch a Marvel movie on date night. Or well, you get the idea.(Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)  

how to add pockets to skirt or dress without sewing
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The only problem is this sewing pattern only has patch pockets (which I don’t like) and no side seam that would allow me to add a side seam pocket.

No problem! I can go the no sew route to add pockets to this dress and any skirt that doesn't have a functional packets.

First up, I sewed the vintage style dress with a slight change. I added red fabric details to the back of the dress for interest. I also added a ribbon tie because the back sometimes shifts around when I move.

I lined the dress with white cotton fabric because the Captain America shield fabric is a little see through.

So where are the pockets?

A vintage style dress with secret hidden pockets for my keys and phone!

In the bike shorts like these  I wear under the dress! It has the added bonus of not flashing the world when I get in and out of a car or end up somewhere that has bar stools. Bar stools are not kind to short people because I have to practically climb them them when I want to sit or leave the table.

Looking for more clothing with secret pockets? Check the following ideas - and more! - below!

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