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Two Quick and Easy DIY Woven Heart Mug Cozies

I have a set of double wall stainless steel barrel mugs similar to this kind (I am including affiliate links for your convenience) that quickly the household MVP of mugs. My husband usually keeps his in the freezer to keep his cold beverages extra cold. I like keeping a hot drink in mine while I’m preforming during outdoor Christmas events – instant hand warmer AND hot chocolate all in one!

Not bad at all for a couple of free promotional mugs. What’s not to like about that?

Actually there is one minor quibble. The mugs have a logo etched on the mug. Not a big deal when we are at home but it iswhen I’m doing the Christmas Gnome Thing.

I solved the problem by sewing a quick and easy no slip mug cover.

how to make 2 kinds of christmas gift mug cozies

Nissa the Christmas Gnome salutes you with her woven heart mug cozy!

The following day I found a quick, easy, and cute crochet mug cozy pattern I wanted to try. I use it as a backup because apparently I can't drink hot chocolate without spilling it on something.Both of these handmade mug cozies are good beginner sewing and crochet projects. They also make a very nice handmade gift idea!

How to Sew a Danish Woven Heart Mug Cozy

how to make sew crochet mug cozy gift ideas

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You will need:

1 fat quarter of fabric – you can buy cute fat fabric quarters here

Measuring tape

Coordinating thread

For the woven heart – red and white felt or you can buy heart iron patches here 

Fabric Scissors

Sewing machine

No Slip Shelf Liner like this kind

Embroidery Thread and Embroidery needle

(Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)


Step by Step How to Sew a Mug Cozy for Beginners Tutorial

1. Use the measuring tape to measure the width of your mug and the height of the mug’s handle. Add one inch to each of these measurements for the seam allowance.

2. Cut out two rectangles of fabric according to the measurements in Step One.

3. Cut 4 rectangles of fabric that are 8 inches long by 2 1/2″ wide to make the ties you can make the ties has long or short as you like to fit your mug.) For each strip:

  • Fold the strip in half long ways with the right side (the pretty part) together and stitch it in place to make a tube
How to make a cloth mug cozy
  • Use either a safety pin or a bodkin that looks like this you’re fancy to turn the fabric tube right side out and press it in place with an iron if desired.

if you don’t want to sew fiddly little fabric ties.

4. Pin two mug cozy ties to the top of each end and bottom end of the mug cozy rectangle with the long part of the ties facing toward the center of the soon to be mug cozy.

easy homemade gift ideas to sew

5. Use pins or sewing clips like these to pin and sew the four sides of the rectangle together right sides facing in.

Make sure you leave a gap on the bottom seam that you will use to turn the fabric right side out!

6. Turn the mug cozy right side out, give it a quick press with an iron if desired and hand sew the turning g gap closed.

7. To keep a mug cozy from slipping and sliding measure and cut a piece of non grip shelf liner to fit the inside dimensions of your mug cozy and hand stitch it in place

How to Make a Woven Christmas Heart Patch

I hand stitched a felt Danish woven Christmas heart to the side of each mug cozy for extra Scandinavian Christmas bling. Traditionally, Danes make woven hearts as a basket. Since we are making a flat patch we only need to cut out one arch shape per color. This is much easier to weave correctly than the basket.

1. Use this woven heart template below to cut at least one arch shape from the red felt and one arch shape from the white felt or whatever colors you desire.


how to make Danish Christmas Heart Patches
Normally you would place the dotted line on a folded piece of paper when you want to make a paper woven heart basket but we're being rebels and making a flat woven heart.

2. Starting with the round top of each arch (that will make the top of the heart shape) weave one color strip over under over under the strips on the second arch shape.

3. Weave the second strip under over under over similar to Step 2.

4. Continue weaving until all of the strip form a woven heart. Trim the ends if needed.

5. Using the embroidery floss and needle sew the woven Christmas heart to the mug cozy using a blanket stitch.

How to Crochet a Woven Christmas Heart Mug Cozy

I like Craftily Contented’s Happy Glamper Mug Cozy crochetpattern but it looked a little intimating for my beginner self but I gave it a try.

I was so wrong. Her mug cozy crochet pattern is very easy (whew!) and is a fantastic scrap yarn project. I didn’t have any yarn so I bought a mini skein of yarn similar to this kind from Dollar Tree (DT yarn is on the thin side but cheap enough to use as practice yarn.) I had more than enough yarn left to make a second crochet mug cozy, possibly more.

made a yarn drawstring on a lucet knitting fork that looks like this and wove through the double crochet holes at the top of the mug cozy. I also sewed Danish woven Christmas hearts on the outside andnon grip shelf liner on the inside to make it cute and to keep the cozy in place on my metal mug.

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