Monday, March 30, 2009

A Shopping Cart Made Into a CHAIR?

Now this is a creative reuse project that I love and totally want – a chair made out of an old discarded shopping cart!


I think one of the reasons I like reestore’s Annie chair is that it reminds me of a Bertoia chair. Again, which is something I want but don’t know where to put in my small living room so it stays at the store where I visit it often.


I wouldn’t mind having this once-was-a-washing-machine-drum-now-is-a-coffee- table either. Why didn’t I think of this before we had our old broken washing machine hauled off to be sold for scrap metal?


What I love about both of these reestore projects is that you don’t automatically realize what they are made out of just by looking at them. Especially the washing machine drum table. When I first looked at it I though it was a nice arty modern side table, something like the Bowhaus dog crate/coffee table combo.


It’s only until I read the description that says the Silvana is remade from a washing machine drum that I looked at it and said, “OH yeah, it does look like a washing machine drum.” Genuis!

Makes me want to check out a junkyard just to see what’s out there to remake.

What do you think? Would you consider buying either of these and putting them in your house? Yes? No? Maybe so?


Lisa said...

I like the coffee table/dog crate but I would need a way bigger one for my dog haha.

I had just seen the shopping cart chairs some where like a day ago. They must be following me or something haha.

Cathy said...

those are so cool--i love the shopping cart/chair one!!

Becki said...

Wow! Interesting stuff...I definitely wouldn't have guessed how they started out...

Morgan said...

Oooo... I love reusable ideas. I think I'd really love that shopping cart chair if it had the wheels still attached. Well, as long as the wheels weren't like the typical grocery cart wheels that are all janky and hard to maneuver. has a lot of the same concept furniture and such,'s so pricey! Kudos to you if you can make one of your own, it's probably a lot cheaper that way. But-- you're crafty, if anyone can do it, you can!

shopping cart said...

I like the way of reuse the shopping cart and you made it a chair great thought by you and coffee table is looking such a beautiful. i appreciate your work.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Shopping Cart - I didn't create these masterpieces. I only wish I could!

shopping cart software said...

Really creative they are ! They used shopping cart as a chair. Nice one.

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