Sunday, December 20, 2015

Make Minion Gift Wrap!

I will let you in on a little gift wrapping secret. The reason why people rave over my pretty and clever gift wrap is not because I have a grand creative design going into the project, oh no.

It is usually the result of wrapping a present at the 11th hour when the stores are closed and running out of traditional gift wrap supplies.

Blind panic is the Mother of Creativity.

Now you know.

That’s how I came up with this Despicable Me Minion gift wrap idea. I used the last of my wrapping paper to wrap this gift. It looked plain. I didn’t have any stick on bows and since I was going to mail the gift, I didn’t want to make a magazine bow (read the tutorial here) because it might be crushed.

A yellow Twinkie shaped present with twisted puffs reminded me of a Minion. Hey, let’s make Minion gift wrap!

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How to Wrap a Present to Look Like a Minion

As luck would have it, I finished a roll of Dollar Tree gift wrap that has rolled craft paper instead of a paper tube at the core. I cut the Minion goggle and iris from that and die cut the white of his eye from a pasta box on its way to the recycling bin.

Because of course I didn’t have craft paper or cardstock in the appropriate colors and the stores were closed.

You will need:

A present wrapped in solid yellow wrapping paper

Sizzix Big Shot and Spellbinders Nestabilites Standard Circle Dies
1/8 circle paper punch

Card stock or craft paper

Colored pencils – if needed

White glue or glue stick

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Make it:

1. Use the Sizzix Big Shot and Circle Dies to cut the white of the Minon’s eye (or eyes)  in a size that is appropriate for your gift.

2. Use the Sizzix Big Shot and 2 of Circle Dies to cut the goggle (s ) from a piece of craft paper or card stock.

3. Optional: Color the goggles with a silver colored pencil if you do not have silver paper or card stock.

4. Use the Sizzix Big Shot and 2 of Circle Dies to cut the iris from a piece of craft paper or card stock.

5. Use the 1/8 circle punch to punch a sparkle out of white paper or cardstock for the Minion’s eye.

6. Assemble the white, goggle, iris, and sparkle and glue them into place.

 Here's looking at you!

7. Attach the Minion eye ( s) to the gift with glue or tape.

8.  Draw the mouth below the eye(s) with a colored pencil

Hi Minion!

9. Zaba-deeee! You made a Minion!

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