Monday, March 11, 2019

How to Make a Double Sided Rainbow Bottle Cap Necklace

I wanted to make a rainbow bottle cap necklace but couldn’t decide which rainbow sticker design I wanted to use to make it.

I took a page from Mother Nature who sent us not only real live in the sky rainbows after a record breaking rainy summer last year but they were often double rainbows. How cool!

2 designs. 2 sides to a bottle cap. Why not make a double sided bottle cap necklace?

Let’s do it!

How to Make a Rainbow Bottle Cap Necklace

how to make a recycled double sided bottle cap necklace tutorial for kids
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You will need:

Blue bottle cap – if you don’t have one on hand you can buy blue color bottle caps for crafts here

Rainbow stickers these are the exact rainbow stickers I used

Blue craft paint

Paint brush

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Bottle cap punch

2 pairs of jewelry pliersjewelry pliers look like this

Jump ring

Rubber jewelry cord (learn more about it here)

Straight pin

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Step by step how to make it tutorial

1. Use the craft paint and paint brush to paint the inside of the bottle cap blue if desired. Allow the paint to dry.

2. Place one rainbow sticker on the front of the bottle cap.

3. Carefully cover the sticker with a thin coat of Dimensional Magic. Pop any air bubbles in the Dimensional Magic with the straight pin and let it dry over night.

how to use Dimensional Magic

4. Put one rainbow sticker on the back (inside) of the bottle cap and over the the sticker with a thin coat of Dimensional Magic. Pop any air bubbles in the Dimensional Magic with the straight pin and let it dry over night.

how not to use dimensional magic
This is what it looks like when you fill the bottle cap with a thick coat of Dimensional Magic after it dries. Yuck! Don’t do this.

5. Use the bottle cap punch to make a hole in the top of the bottle cap.

6. Hole one side of the jump ring with a pair of jewelry pliers in one and and use a pair of jewelry pliers in your other hand to twist open the jump ring.

how to open and close jewelry jump rings

7. Use the piers to thread the jump ring through the hole in the bottle cap.

8. Close the jump ring using the same technique you used to open it in Step 6.

how to make recycled bottle cap jewelry for kids
Almost done!

9. String the rubber jewelry cord through the jump ring and you’re done!

diy bottle cap crafts for children

10. Wear it and look cute!

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This is the best idea ever! Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

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