Condo Blues: Make a Stenciled Bottlecap Bracelet

Monday, November 14, 2011

Make a Stenciled Bottlecap Bracelet

Husband gave me The Look. The bottlecap basket in the kitchen is overflowing again. “Are you ever going to make jewelry out of those caps you make me save?” he sighed.

I guess that time is now.

I’ve been putting off any number of painted bottle cap projects because I don’t like my decorative painting skill - or lack thereof. Every so often I stop by Michaels and drool over the new Martha Stewart Crafts paint and stencils by Plaid. Maybe stencils can help me with my craft paintaphobia? 

One of the things I like about Martha’s craft paints is that it works on wood, metal, ceramic/glass, and fabric unlike traditional craft paint. This cuts down on the number and type of paints I have to buy and store in my tiny house. I need a variety of paint types since I work with a variety of recycled materials.   

A Pre-Christmas Miracle

A box of Martha Stewart Craft paint goodness arrived on my doorstep. I danced around the house for two days celebrating my good reviewer fortune. I stopped short of sleeping with a paint brush under my pillow like Husband thought I might from my reaction to the box of goodies.

Craft goodies!

Let's see if Ms. Stewart can help me upcycle a slew of bottlecaps and keep them out of the landfill, shall we?

How to Make a Stenciled Bottle Cap Bracelet

You will need:

5 bottlecaps
Sandpaper or steel wool
Martha Stewart Craft Paint Satin Finish – Summer Haze
Martha Stewart Craft Paint Satin Finish – Habanero
Martha Stewart Crafts Holiday Adhesive Stencils
Martha Stewart Sprayable Glass Enamel Finish
Paint brush
5 small washers
E6000 glue
Bracelet clasp or small snap
Needle and thread

Make it: 

1. Lightly sand the glass finish off the bottlecaps using the sandpaper or steel wool. I tested Martha’s paint on an unsanded glossy bottlecap and it works just fine. However, sanding the bottlecaps helped cut down on the number of coats of paint I used.

2. Paint the bottle caps with Summer Haze and allow them to dry.

Paint time!

3. Place the snowflake stencil on the bottlecap and apply Habanero paint to the stencil. I choose to use a small paint brush since I was working on such a small stencil instead of using the larger stenciling brushes and pouncers or the roller attachment that attaches to the bottle of paint (genius idea, by the way.)

 4. Carefully remove the stencil while the paint is still wet. Stencil the snowflake design on the other four bottle caps and allow the paint to dry.

 5. Spray the bottle caps with the Gloss Enamel Finish and allow the finish to dry. I played with the Mat, Glossy, and the Glitter finish mediums on a set of test bottle caps. I liked the glossy medium best. The Glossy Enamel Finish is a spray instead of paint. I suggest you take it outside to spray as you would traditional spay paint because there are fumes involved. 

 6. In a well-ventilated area, use the E6000 glue to glue the ribbon or rick rack to the underside of each bottle cap. Glue a washer on top of the ribbon to keep the ribbon in place while wearing the bracelet. 

I use E6000 glue because it works on metal. Hot glue will eventually peal.

 7. Use the needle and thread to sew the small snap or bracelet clasp to each end of the bracelet. 


 8.Wrap it up as a gift or wear it to your favorite holiday party! 

Disclaimer: Plaid provided me with Martha Stewart Crafts paints, stencils, and tools to facilitate this review. This did not influence my opinion but it did cause spontaneous and excited dancing. All opinions are 100% my own.

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