Condo Blues: February 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Deodorize a Smoky Cell Phone

For some crazy reason, as much as Husband and I love technology and gadgets, we are not quick to upgrade our cell phones. We were early adaptors when it came to being a cell phone only family. Our phone bill when down when we dumped our landline because we didn’t have to pay long distance charges to call our families. We waited for the free weekend calls instead. Best of all, no telemarketers!

My new to me phone!
We keep our phones until they are ready to gasp for air, but not for the greenest of green reason you think. Truthfully, we hang on to our phones for so long because comparison shopping cell phones and features are frustrating, almost impossible, and make me stabby. I wish I could research and buy the phone I want independent of the service, like they do in Europe

For many reasons, it’s time to replace my four year old Blackberry (or run over my Curve’s teeny tiny always full memory with my car in frustration.)

Husband and I trooped to the store to change our plan to their current special that gives us more features at the same cost as our current plan and to price new smart phones.  We left because the staff pushed what the carrier told them to sell, which wasn’t what we wanted – to change our service plan and buy a phone outright. The store staff tried to push into a “better” plan that cost more for the services we were already using and make small payments for the life of the plan on the phone plus pay extra for a warranty. Husband and I hate making interest payments unless we can’t help it like with our car. We left empty handed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glitter Tennis Shoes

 For Valentines Day I got:
  • A dozen sustainability grown roses 
  • A half dozen Godiva dark chocolate covered strawberries as big as a baby’s fist 
  • And a kidney stone 

That explains why I’ve been carrying this kidney infection around like luggage for the last month. It won’t be gone in time for my Blissdom conference trip.


Needless to say, preparing for this conference is a little difficult because I feel like I’ve been kicked in the kidneys all day every day.

On the upside, it has kept me from being too nervous about my Newcomer Community Leader duties and the session discussions I will be leading for the Food niche bloggers.

I'm trying to conserve my personal energy to try to be well enough to be at my very best for Blissdom. I don't want to let everyone down! To reduce my running around, I shopped my closet for clothes to wear to the conference.

I still needed some cute and comfortable shoes to wear because the Gaylord Opryrland Hotel is ginormous! It's about the same size as an airport terminal. I don’t want to relive last year’s blisterfest which left my feet covered in swag SpongeBob Squarepants band aids. Which I rocked, of course :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Board and Batten Waincoting

Kids rooms are one of the few rooms you can go nuts with colors and themes.

Until you move.

Or you buy a new house with a football themed bedroom and you have to put your not football room loving daughter in it,  like Alison from House of Hepworths.

I wonder how many coats of paint and primer Alison needed to cover that football field? Photo courtesy of House of Hepworths 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Homemade Green Cleaner Labeling Privileges Have Been Revoked

I make homemade green cleaners. I know exactly what is in them, making them takes a few minutes, and they are less expensive. For the most part, my homemade cleaners clean the same or, as in the case of my homemade daily shower cleaner, better than their store bought counter parts. Woot! Woot!

 I store my cleaners in empty and repurposed spray bottles. I finally got around to making labels for the bottles  I worked too hard on my half bathroom remodel to ruin the granite counter tops with a homemade vinegar based cleaner from the other bathrooms by mistake!

I gave up printing designs in super cute and colorful ink because the cartridges in my inkjet dried out. AGAIN!

I went with black laser print ink that never runs dry instead of plunking down $80 for color ink cartridges to do a whim project. Since I could not do super cute and colorful label designs, I went with decorative fonts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Should I Repaint My Kitchen?

Husband and I like to paint rooms with deep and saturated colors. I think it comes from renting white walled apartments for so long.

I did something a little different when I painted the kitchen walls. I went with a muted green/white wall color because my overall plan is to paint the kitchen cabinets a bright cheery red instead of replacing them. I want to play with deep and light color tones in this room. 

I’m not sure but I think I went too light on the wall color in this room.

Husband is taking advantage of this and pushing for an orange room. Especially after I took the personality and color quiz on My Colortopia. Based on my answers, My Colortopia gave us an orange paint color scheme we both like. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Del Mar Ceiling Fan Giveaway!

I'm still feeling under the weather.

Do you know would make me feel better?

Hosting an awesome giveaway! 

Remember when my snarky little self ranted on about how much I loathe ceiling fans with lights and the nice people at Del Mar Designs changed my mind?

I personally haven't bought or installed one since then (small house, etc.) but I don't think ceiling fans with lights are the big black ink stain ruining the white couch of design anymore.

Let's face it, ceiling fans are a very effective and energy efficient way to cool a home in summer and to reduce your heating costs in winter by reversing the fan blades. You know how much I like energy efficiency!

Del Mar Designs asked me if they could sponsor a ceiling fan giveaway on Condo Blues. I can't think of a better way to say thank you to Del Mar Designs for changing my design mind and for a chance to thank all of you for reading this little ol' blog of mine.

How would you like the chance to win either one of these fabulous ceiling fans from Del Mar Designs?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Hugs T Shirt

Learn how to make this shirt!
My big 2011 blog goal was to speak at a blogging conference. I have been working my tail off. There many talented speakers and not as many blog conference speaking slots.

I did back flips when I got the notice Blissdom 2012 selected me to be one of the Newcomer Community Leaders!  

What does a Community Leader do at Blissdom? This year, Blissdom changed their session format. Instead of doing a panel discussion with Q and A at the end, each session will have one speaker. Then we will divide into groups by blogging niche. The Community Leaders will lead discussions about how to translate the speaker’s information to fit each blogger’s situation and specific niche needs and quirks.

You can read my bio here. They make me sound very smart. 
(Smart like I know stuff, not smart as in Alec.)