Condo Blues: How to Organize Cancer Medications

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Organize Cancer Medications

Blitzkrieg had what the oncologist called a “spa day”instead of a chemo treatment last week. They did blood work, exams, played with him, and feed him a redonculous amount of chicken baby food all day.

I'm a dog. I like food, see?

Blitzkrieg let them because he is kind like that.

The doctors feel Blitzkrieg is responding to the new cancer treatment protocol and sent us home with an oral form of that week’s chemo medication.

We are cautiously optimistic.

This is what it takes every day to keep our boy alive.

The only prescription missing from this photo is Blitzkrieg's prescription dog food.

Husband and I are equally vested in Blitzkrieg’s care – we always have and always will be. To coordinate multiple doses, medications, and weekly changes I labeled the tops of Blitzkrieg’s medicine bottles with reminder of what medications do what.

The chalkboard kitchen back splash comes in handy. It is now a giant medication chart. Husband and I tick when and what we give Blitzkrieg throughout the day. Some medications we need to do more than once, with food, without food, or in tandem with another medication.

Please excuse my OMG! I REALLY need to clean the toaster oven oven.

It helps Blitzkrieg is very good about taking his medicine. So good in fact, he begs for it when I’m cutting a new bottle of pills into the required dose. It helps that we make Blitzkrieg earn all his treats – including pills wrapped in treaty goodness.

It doesn’t hurt that he is on a prescription dog food made of duck liver either. Heck, I’d beg for pills wrapped in pate too!

Husband, his doctors, and I are doing what we can although it is now truly up to Blitzkrieg as to how long and well he stays with us. Despite some potty problems (and skid marks on the carpet), Blitzkrieg is feeling much better yesterday and today.

Yesterday Blitzkrieg loudly and obnoxiously begged for my sandwich at lunch and leftover pizza dinner after marching band practice. It did not work (it never does, we have strict rules about feeding Blitzkrieg from the table) but it was refreshing to see some over the top normal dog behavior from Blitzkrieg.

After my meal, I stuffed Blitzkrieg full of his favorite treat of carrots for good behavior during a brushing. Blitzkrieg didn’t need a brushing; I just wanted an excuse to pump him full of carrots. I’m not completely heartless in the give a dog-a-bone department ya know.

Husband and I kicked Operation: Best Damn Doggie Summer into overdrive. If you have suggestions – send ‘em!

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