Condo Blues: Easy Glass Bead Bracelet

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Easy Glass Bead Bracelet

I like to browse the bead and jewelry section of craft stores. I like looking at all of the pretty shiny things but get overwhelmed when I think about combining them. I choke and end up putting the items back on the shelf.

Then I see a beautiful handcrafted piece on Pinterest, think Hey I can make that!, go to the craft store, get overwhelmed trying to combine all of the beads I like but don’t quite go together, choke, and go home.

Rinse. Repeat.

One day as I was yet again, admiring the beads in the craft store, I saw a string of green lampwork beads I thought would make a cute bracelet.

Husband says my bracelet is very moleculey.

Now, I figure real jewelry makers would buy the string and rework the beads into one project or more but for someone like me, who spends hours trying to mix and match elements to make a simple piece of jewelry, it was time to strike while the idea iron is hot.

I cheated and bought the string of beads. I already had all of the other bracelet making supplies at home.

Green lamp work beads. Perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day!

I’m not sure if this is how real professional jewelry makers string glass beads, but this is how I make a glass lampwork bead bracelet.

I tried a knot at the ends of a length of nylon string a bit longer than my finished bracelet length. I strung a crimp to the end and crimped it around the knot with a pair of jewelry crimpers.

I attached a jump ring ot the tab on the crimp and crimped it around the jump ring with the crimpers.

Next, I restrung the glass beads onto the nylon thread. I used nylon thread instead of something more eco friendly like cording or wire because the cording I already have isn't strong enough for the heavy lamp work beads. I thought wire wouldn’t have enough give for glass beads. Besides I'm trying to use what I have over buying new when I can.

You have have already seen this project sneak peak if you follow Condo Blues on Instagram.

I kept the spacing and design the same as the way I purchased the beads because I like it. Fortunately the length of beads I bought were the same length as the bracelets I normally wear so I didn't have to add or remove any beads to make the bracelet fit. Small wrists have their privileges!

When I finished stringing the beads I followed the same procedure to add a lobster clasp to the other end of my bracelet. I strung a crimp, followed by tying a knot, cut the remaining string with a pair of scissors, slipped the lobster clasp on the loop of the crimp, and crimped everything together.


Then I put on my bracelet and rocked it until the wheels fell off!

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