Condo Blues: Habitat Restore Treasure Hunt

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Habitat Restore Treasure Hunt

One of my favorite places to shop (and donate) materials for my creative reuse projects is the Habitat Restore. Several readers have asked me. “What’s the Habitat Restore?” The Restore is a thrift store that helps fund Habitat for Humanity so they can build houses for low income people. But this is no ordinary thrift store my friends, oh no! The Restore is a thrift store of home improvement supplies. I put on my Big Game Bargain Huntress pith helmet, grabbed the bathroom fan I replaced and wanted to donate, and hopped on down to my local Restore to poke a round. Here’s what I found.

The first thing to greet me when I walked in the door where these big silver Christmas trees. Love. They are shiny, would look perfect flanking my porch in two groups of three, and remind me of drag queens. Probably donated by the Limited Brands, Gap or some other store that’s based in Columbus. I want!


Sadly storage is an issue. Maybe I could go with the baby ones? Instead of drag queen trees, I suppose that makes these little gems drag princesses?


Or Daleks. All they are missing is the eyestalk. And the desire to exterminate humanity.

Hello gorgeous! I almost stubbed my toe on two huge crates of travertine marble for 5 dollars a square foot/bundle. Easy craft project. Just glue some felt to the bottom of these babies and instant coaster!


Of course, with this much marble, a kitchen backsplash wouldn’t be out of the question. Just don’t clean travertine marble with vinegar. It’s such a soft stone, that it will react and fizz away. Boo hoo.

The best bargain in the place has to be on kitchen cabinets. If you’re replacing all of your kitchen cabinets, our Restore will pick up an entire set for you. Then they sell them for roughly $500 a set, and you get the tax deduction. Nice.

These aren’t too bad but I’d change the knobs. I’m not fond of the white against the dark wood. And by "not fond of" I mean bleach!

Personally, I’m in the market for some cabinets to use as a work bench in my garage. These would do nicely for upper cabinets. For some reason I’m digging the yellow.


For the top of my workbench to be, I’ll probably buy an old solid wood door to use as a bench top. Looks like I have a lot to choose from.


Including these. Hello Love-vah.


Paint can be a good deal too. All of the home improvement and paint stores donate the mistints that they don’t sell to the Restore. The best selection is usually pint size.


Well hello, hello little pint of low VOC paint. Fancy meeting you here. First time at the Restore? My guess is yes.

There was a whole stack of EXIT signs just begging for a project. For the life of me, I couldn’t think of a thing to do with them beyond the obvious.


Perhaps hanging 9 of them in a three by three grid on the wall and backlighting them in some way? Or maybe I should just take it as a cue, and make a quick Exit from this post.

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