Condo Blues: Porch Table Revamp

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Porch Table Revamp

My revamped chairs look great on my front porch.


The table sitting next to them did not.

Beat up and boring

And there was only one table on the porch. I have three chairs. It would be nice to have at least two little tables in between each chair to set a drink on while the Husband, Blitzkrieg, and I sat in our chairs and watched the world go by on lazy summer days. (Yes, Blitzkrieg has his own assigned seat. Don't judge.) I could certainly buy a couple of new tables. How much could two little tables be?

LOTS if you’re me. In LisaLand February to April is generally the time where Cabin Fever or the desire to spiff up for Spring means that any purchase I make will be expensive or stupid or something I will fall out of love with shortly thereafter - most likely a combination of all three. Does this happen to you?

So let’s spiff up this little makeshift table. I lightly hand sanded the wood frame of the mosaic and wiped it down with a tack cloth. I found some wood stain in the garage the builders left behind to touch up our baseboards. I added a couple of coats to the wood frame. Good as new.

The base could use some help too. I would have preferred black for the base, but since I'm not buying any new craft supplies during Dollar Store Craft's April Stash Bust Challenge (as an added Earth Day use what you have and keep me from buying stupid stuff incentive) I went with some silver paint that was left behind by an old room mate. It’s a bit too shiny for me. Let’s hope Mother Nature will knock the color back a bit over time.

I sanded the top and gave it a couple of coats of green spray paint from Porch Chair Revamp Round One. I added a coat of spray clear coat to the top to protect the cheap- o green paint from flaking - I hope.

Better than new!

Not too bad. And just big enough to set a drink on - or a plant - because it’s actually a plant stand.

Hey Lisa, your new table is big enough to hold a bowl of treats. Just sayin'..

This time I think I’ll use both of them on the porch without the mosaic top because I like symmetry. The little tables look pretty good in between the revamped chairs and the price can’t be beat - FREE!

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