Condo Blues: 11 PVC Plastic Free Shoes for Back to School

Thursday, August 19, 2010

11 PVC Plastic Free Shoes for Back to School

When I buy a plastic item, I check for the recycling number 3 which stands for PVC (polyvinyl chloride.) If the item is made from PVC, I don’t buy it.

I thought I was very much on the no PVC plastic bandwagon until I looked in my closet. Shoes are on The Center for Health, Environment, & Justice’s Back to School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies List.

It is unlikely that I will lick my shoes and inject PVC. If I do I think my problems are bigger than ingesting PVC plastic! However, I might if I handle those PVC shoes by putting them in the closet and then inadvertently put my finger in my mouth or eat an apple or something. Then I’m transfer PVC particles from the shoe to my hands to that apple and right into me.

It’s just easier to avoid buying shoes made with PVC. Fortunately, many companies make PVC free shoes. I was happy to find that many of these shoes are already in my closet including Husband's favorite brand of running shoe!

1. Adidas Their sandals the have EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), rubber outsoles; their sneakers have molded EVA insoles and midsoles

2. Asics All Asics products are PVC-free. They contain bamboo, canvas, EVA, leather, or rubber.

3. Birkenstocks The uppers made from  Birko-Flor material (acrylic and PA (polyamides)  leather, or wool. The Footbed is made from cork, leather, or jute. The soles are made from EVA or PU (polyurethane.)

4. Crocs Crocs made from Croslite resins contain EVA. Some Crocs have a rubber sole. Be careful because some Croc knockoffs are made out of PVC. Many of the charms sold to decorate Crocs are also made with PVC.

5. Ecolution  The shoes are made from hemp, plant-based dyes, and recycled tires.

6. L.L. Bean  All L.L. Bean shoes are PVC-free.

7. Nike  Nike products are PVC-free.

8. Rawganique  The shoes are made from hemp and recycled tires.

9. Simple Shoes All Simple Shoes are PVC-free. They are made from bamboo, cotton, hemp, and recycled rubber.

10. Puma The uppers are canvas, mesh, PU, or suede. The outsoles are EVA or rubber.

I want to add one more of my own to the PVC plastic free shoe list.

11. Feelgoodz– All Feelgoodz are 100% natural latex rubber. I’ve been wearing Feelgoodz constantly for two summers and still love them. They are a great little company that got hurt by the Gulf oil spill. If you know you and yours will need some new flops for next summer, it would be awesome if you buy them now and keep them for next year to help a little company that is the type of socially responsible business I like to stay in business. They are not asking me to say this, I’m doing it on my own because I really like what Feelgoodz does and how they do it.

How do you avoid PVC plastic? Have you been surprised to find PVC plastic in any items around you? Do you have a PVC free shoe to add to the list?

This post is part of the August 23rd Back to School Green Moms Carnival hosted by Micaela of Mindful Momma.

Disclaimer. None of the companies or organizations mentioned in this post paid me or asked me to write about them.


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I haven't even thought about checking our shoes (and I try to forgo plastic as much as possible).

    I am loving your blog - I found you through Glue and Glitter and have added you to my feedly. I get so excited when I find new green bloggers I haven't read before!

    Peace. ;)
    Michelle @

  2. I love LL BEAN's shoes. They feel good on my feet!

  3. What a great thing to think about....PVC free shoes! I was happy to see that our shoes made the list.

  4. This is SO helpful! Thanks you for finding these and making it easy for us to know which shoes are good for the environment.

  5. Thank you for this list. I went sneaker shopping for my 1st grader today and couldn't tell what was pvc and what wasn't. Do you know if New Balance kids sneakers contain pvc?

  6. Do you know how many other things you probably put in your mouth from your hands every day? PVC is nothing compared to what else is out there that you can't see.


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