Thursday, March 29, 2012

Giving Rabbits for Easter? Make Mine Chocolate!

We found the best place to socialize Blitzkrieg when we were working with him on his prior abuse issues is a dog rescue event. Animal rescue people understand some of the strange rules and things you need to do with your dog to help him on his journey from a dark, scared confused abuse place to Mr. Happy Go Lucky, confident, Mr. Snggly Affectionate Guy. This accidentally turned Husband and I into animal rescue advocates**.

 That’s where I learned about people having rabbits as pets, which hadn’t crossed my mind before, and The Columbus House Rabbit Society rescue group. It turns out business in rabbit rescue picks up shortly after Easter to where it is a problem – for the bunnies.

You see, many people give live bunnies as Easter gifts. Then they realize rabbits can be more work, the vet bills are more expensive, and owning a rabbit is not like having a dog or a cat. The lucky rabbits are sent to a rabbit rescue or a humane society. A large number of unlucky rabbits are dumped in the wild, where they can’t survive because they don’t have wild animal skills. They become a larger animal’s lunch.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Garage Workshop Transformation – Replace the Garage Door Opener

Normally I’m a fix it instead of replace it kind of gal. Except when it comes to my garage door opener. I’ve had issues with it refusing to close and the door popping open after tinkering with it for years. 

The break in last summer was the last straw. I’m giving in to my geek side instead of my green side. I replaced my old garage door opener with an uber sweet Craftsman Assurelink Garage Door Opener that allows me to open and close the garage door with my smart phone.

I was so excited about having a garage door opener that works 24/7  I hugged the box after the UPS man delivered it. Blitzkrieg will recreate that scene for you now.

The things I do for this woman. And treats. Lots of treats.

Even though I was excited at the prospect of having a garage door opener that worked, I had a few reservations.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Small Green Change: Buy Shoes that Fit

Hi name is Lisa and I am a shoe gal, shoeaholic, shoe crazy, avid shoe shopper or whatever you want to call it. It’s genetic.

 These are two of few pairs of shoes that I kept that  fit.
Vowing to only buy shoes that fit my small and wide feet may seem like I’m reaching for a March One Small Green Change.

Not if you saw the large number of shoes on my shoe rack. 

Or saw the blisters on my feet from a day of heavy walking in shoes I bought that are the perfect width for the ball of my foot but technically too big in the foot bed or for my narrow heel.

There are many wasted resources in my closet. I have ill fitting shoes I settled for because I needed a dress shoe or whatever and was fed up shopping two malls and half a dozen shoes stores in between. I also have a big box of insoles and doodads to try to make those shoes fit my wonky feet with varying results. High end, low end, green materials, and not I have ‘em and I’m not wearing a bunch of them. Or I regret it when I do. This starts the shoe search all over again.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Make a Mini Wood Pallet Butterfly

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Today that challenge came courtesy of Scribble Shop on line craft shop. No, they didn’t challenge me to DIY with a chain saw, or fire, or anything mildly explosive.


Scribble Shop asked if I wanted to participate in an Iron Chef type of craft challenge. Except I didn’t have to go to Japan or compete against Masaharu Morimoto.

Double pity. The original Iron Chef is tops in this house!

ScribbleShop sent me and a group of bloggers a mystery box of supplies from their shop. They challenged me to use everything in the box to make one craft project.

Bitzkrieg helped me open the box.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm Here But Sorta Not. Lookie! I Made a Scooter!

The wrench is mine too 
Good Morning my friends! This isn't a real post. Why? Because Jessica of Mad in Crafts  asked me to guest post on her blog! I'm really posting over at  Mad in Crafts. I'm only Sorta posting on Condo Blues.

I love the clothes, and mid century modern style that is Mad Men.(I'm not fond of the social not PC politics though.) How could I not participate in a Mad for Mad Men party to celebrate the return of Mad Men to TV?

I did it in that sneaky green way you all know and love too.

To celebrate the show, I recreated Peggy’s scooter from the Season 4 episode The Chrysanthemum and the Sword using a popular craft of the 1960’s –embroidery – on something every kitchen in the 1960’s had and used regularly – flour sack kitchen towels. Paper towels are sooo not 1963!

Blitzkrieg helped.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It's Amazing What a Difference a Gallon of Paint Makes!

When I talk about painting, instead of replacing my kitchen cabinets everyone tells me painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most pain in the patoot DIY jobs ever.

That's why painting kitchen cabinets is near the bottom of my DIY To Do List. I'm waiting for them to magically transform themselves overnight.

Then I saw Mandy's kitchen cabinet transformation. With paint. From a painless to paint kit. It gives me hope peeps. Hope for my bland builder grade cabinet

Photo courtesy of  Suger Bee Crafts

Monday, March 12, 2012

Festive Fabric Plate

What a treat do I have for you! My friend Amy from Mod Podge Rocks is sharing one of her amazing transformations. What this gal can't do with a thrift store plate and a bottle of 'Podge is, well, why don't you keep reading and find out?

This is Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, so pleased to be here at Condo Blues today! I have been blogging for almost four years at MPR, and I am (as you can guess) addicted to crafts and DIY. I love creating, but I also love writing. I co-own Decor Hacks with Heather Mann, and I contribute to's The New Home Ec. Not to mention that I have a new book coming out this June called Mod Podge Rocks. You could say I keep busy.

A plate like this can be made for a party – or any festive occasion! You can place treats on the top and then reveal the design as you eat everything (and then blame the eating everything on your guests). Just be sure to Mod Podge on the bottom of the plate, and always handwash as it’s not dishwasher safe. Here’s how I made it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Recaulk a Bathtub or Shower

I solved my bathroom mold and mildew problem with a permanent non-toxic solution. I installed a larger bathroom exhaust fan.

The new fan made a world of difference! My bathroom doesn’t smell like a locker room two days after I clean it like it used to.

The photo isn't out of focus. That's drywall dust and a 
shining example of why I should have worn a dust mask.

Unfortunately, the caulk around the shower is stained. I scrub it with hydrogen peroxide based bleach. It doesn’t help much. It still looks gross.

   You don’t know how embarrassing this is for me to show you. YUCK!!!

Removing the caulk and caulking, the shower with new caulk is the only solution.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I’m on (Kindle) Fire

Shortly after Husband bought a Kindle to replace his stolen Kindle, Amazon came out with the Kindle Fire.

Guess who wants a Kindle Fire, now? 


A Kindle upgrade is on hold because we have to get our car fixed for the price of a Kindle Fire. A semi tried to share a lane with me in my car and broke the driver side mirror off the car. Scary to go through and a bummer about the car repair, but it could have been much, much worse.

I told Husband he could feed my fold up shopping bag habit and try to win a Kindle Fire from Chicobag  as a win/win (if he wins) situation.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blissdom 2012 – More Than Parties

Every blog conference has its own vibe. It sounds trite, but Blissdom strives to be where business and love come together. That's one of the main things I like about this conference - it's a drama free zone.

The attentive staff and swankadelic pampering of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel  
didn't hurt either. This is the view from my room. Everything you see is indoors!

The thing people don’t tell you about blog conferences is that they are work. You’re always on, networking and trying to meet new people and opportunities. In addition to attending sessions and taking copious notes, I had to prep beforehand to lead Food niche discussions during my assigned buisness and writing sessions - which rocked my socks! The mentoring part of being a Blissdom Community Leader was my favorite part of Blissdom. I seriously need to seek out more opportunities to mentor others.

 Me, being Community Leaderly