Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Fix Rear View Mirror

The rear view mirror came off my car windshield. Luckily I wasn’t driving at the time.
I’ll admit it was odd to get into the car and see the mirror was sitting on the front seat like it expected me to drive it somewhere after it popped off.

Replacing the car would be a fun way to repair the rear view mirror until I remembered that as much as I love cars (and I really do) I hate car shopping.

I despise the haggling, the fake let-me-talk-to-my-manager dance (seriously. they are salespeople who know how, when, and where they can go only so low on the pricing,) and worse how I’m often treated like I am an idiot who doesn’t know anything about cars (my father worked in the industry.) That may not be an exclusively female customer thing because a male friend who is a car nut also gets treated like he can barely put the key in the ignition when he goes to a car dealership.

Besides, its paid for.

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Fortunately, you can easily reattach a rear view mirror to the windshield as long as you use the correct type of glue.

Repairing the rear view mirror it is then!

The Quick and Easy Way to Reattach a Car Mirror to a Windshield 

Super glue and the like will hold for awhile but not permanently stick to the window (guess how I know?)

So save yourself some extra trouble and buy rear view mirror adhesive. Rear view mirror glue is an epoxy made specifically to glue the metal mirror bracket (also called a button) to glass.It’s only a couple of bucks and usually comes in a kit with everything you need to make this quick and easy 5 minute fix (minus drying and setting time of course.)


You will need:

Permatex Professional Strength Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit or similar. This is the kit I used because it has everything you need in it.

Hair Dryer

Painter’s 5 in 1 Tool or the razor blade in the kit

Chalk or a grease pencil

How to Repair It:

1. Use a piece of a chalk or a grease pencil  on the outside of the windshield to outline the area where you want to remount the rear view mirror.

2. Use the hair dryer to heat and soften any old mirror adhesive and remove it with Painter’s 5 in 1 tool or razor blade from the inside of the windshield. Be careful not to accidentally scratch the glass!

3. Slide to remove the metal button from the arm of the review mirror. Remove any dried adhesive from the button if necessary.

 You can see how the metal button slides out of the mirror bracket.

4. Use the cleaning towel to wipe down the area of the inside of the windshield you want to reattach the rear view mirror and allow the cleaning fluid to dry.

Clean up time!

5. Apply a few drops of mirror adhesive to the center of the metal mirror button bracket, and using the markings on the outside of the windshield, glue the button into place.

Tip: You’ll probably have to hold the button in place for a couple of minutes or so  the glue will set.

6. When the car mirror adhesive to completely dry (I waited 24 hours to be safe) slide and reattach the review mirror onto the button.

All done!

7. Clean the marks off the outside of you car windshield and take her for a spin!

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