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Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Make a Braided Fleece Pet Toy

I had some scrap fleece leftover from a sewing project. I also had a friend whose Boston Terrier puppy was still going through that Chew And Disembowel Every Toy I Have phase – did I mention his name is Chopper? Yeah, the little guy is living up to his name.


I put that scrap fleece to good use and made Chopper and Blitzkrieg some braided dog toys. These homemade braided chew toys will work well for a dog or a cat. Cats like to play with the longer braided toys, though.


You Will Need:

Three strips of fleece* at least 1 inch wide, or wider. Length may vary.

Make It

1. Starting at one end of the fleece, knot the three strands of fleece together with a slipknot.
2. Braid the three strands of fleece together until you reach the end the of the strands.
3. Knot the ends of the fleece together with another slipknot.
4. Give it to your furry friend and let the games begin!

*If you don’t have spare fleece you can use outgrown jeans/denim, old dishtowels or any other sturdy fabric that will hold up to chewing.

The interesting thing about these braided fleece toys is how long they last in the presence of destructo dog Chopper. Chopper will masterfully destroy a commercial stuffed dog toy in a few hours.

I’ve seen it in person. It’s quite a remarkable sight to see such a master at work.

My braided fleece toys tend to last around 2 to 3 days. In the world of a teething puppy, that’s a lifetime.

This is an excellent stash or scrap buster for you crafters out there. It’s also an excellent project for the kiddies to make something for their furry best friend.

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RecycleCindy said...

That is a very cool craft idea. I love that you used scrap pieces of fleece to braid the dog chew. I stumbled the post and wrote a review too so other people can benefit from your post.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Thanks RecycleCindy - you're the best!

Blitzkrieg gives you two big woofs and a tail wag!

Chopper chewed a plastic bag in your honor. Bad doggie!

Lisa Fulmer said...

Hi there - just reminding you that your post is up on my blog carnival - thanks for submitting!

Anonymous said...

This post has been included in the
National Dog Blog Carnival #1 for April 2009

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