Condo Blues: Crochet Your Own Doctor Who Dolls

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crochet Your Own Doctor Who Dolls

Geek alert! I have a confession, “Hi, my name’s Lisa and I am a Doctor Who fan.”
“Hi Lisa!” you say.

I’ve been watching Doctor Who since I found old episodes of the show running on PBS in the 90’s. Naturally, I’m watching the new Doctor Who series. Husband and I make it appointment television.

Husband even bought me my own Doctor Who sonic screwdriver toy (and pen!) for Christmas one year. It sits on my desk in front of my computer at all times just in case I need to write a note, put up a lot of cupboards, or confuse a Dalek – your choice.

So imagine my interest when I checked out snuffykin's journal and saw that she crocheted an amigurumi style Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) doll. So cute!


Snuffykin has directions on her blog for not only a chibi Tenth Doctor doll but also a chibi Ninth Doctor, and a chibi Rose Tyler (because every Doctor needs at least one companion around him at all times.)


With all of these goodies around, they need a baddie so snuffykin teaches how to make The Master. Awwww...the chibi Master looks so cute you’d almost forgive him for trying to take over the universe a gazillion times. OK, well, probably not.

Too bad I forgot how to crochet. The last time I crocheted, I was in first grade. My grandmother taught me to chain stitch to keep me out of her hair. Being of such a young age, Grandma thought that I would put down the crochet hook and play shortly after my lesson. Oh no, not me. I made a chain stitch as long as our sofa! That’s when she decided I should learn how to double crochet. I made a small scarf and promptly forgot how to crochet.

Maybe I should take it up again. Especially if I can find directions for a life size Captain Jack Harkness doll. Hubba, hubba.

All photos courtesy of snuffykin's journal.

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I love Dr Who! Great project, though I too promptly forgot how to crochet after my great-grandmother taught me... only my project was going round and round the edge of a blanket she started lol, I don't even know what kind of stitch I was doing...

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those are to cute! I'm a fan AND I can crochet - only wish I had the time!

Anonymous said...

OK, this entire post basically makes no sense to me because I know diddly squat about Dr Who. :)

BUT. My knitting group was just talking about these scarves ... do you knit too?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Sarah & MAI - Yay more Whovians!

Cheap - Dr. Who is to the UK like Star Trek is to the US. It's a sci fi show about The Doctor who travels through time and space fighting the good fight and saving the universe from all sorts of Bug Eyed monsters. If you have cable, they show it on the Sci Fi Channel and BBC America.

Chris P said...

Hi Lisa!

I've been a fan of Dr. Who since I started watching it on PBS in the early 80's.

I've been a fan of your blog for only a couple weeks, but I thought I'd say "hi".

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Chris P - Welcome to The Condo! Thanks for saying hi. I hope you return soon.

tired of smiling said...

Hey, I have the "BIG HUG MUG", too. It's vintage from my husband's childhood. Too funny to see it here.

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