Condo Blues: What are Your Favorite Essential Oils?

Monday, March 23, 2009

What are Your Favorite Essential Oils?

I first got into essential oils back when I started performing at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Many of the booths there sold (and still sell) essential oils straight up and in blends for any and all uses you can think of depending upon the vendor or the type of essential oil.

One of my favorite oils is lavender because it smells pretty and is very calming when I'm in Type A Stress Puppy mode. It's antibacterial, and it's also a natural pest deterrent, which is another reason I planted it in my garden. That makes it very easy to dry lavender and bring it into The Condo for all of my lavender needs.


But I'm getting a little tired of the lavender because I have a lot of stuff that's scented with it. My reed diffuser is out of essential oil and I need a change from the lavender. Give me some suggestions. What are your favorite essential oil scents?

Yes I realise that the lavender bucket photo is recycled from an earlier post. I could explain it away by saying that I'm all about recycling because well, I am. In reality, I built a new computer and I'm still working on loading software and files from the old build to my new build. Using photos I already have on my blog's server makes doing today's post a little bit easier while I'm in computer limbo. Thanks for understanding!


Silver Pen said...

I like lemon or other citris sents although if you are looking for soothing, sandlewood and patchoolee together are nice, my mom has those next to her bed in a little box that wafts them out into the air. I don't think those are essental oils though. humm Vanilla is cheep you can just use vanilla extract on a cotten ball and leave it around. I've also mixed some cinnimon, clove, cardomum and whatever other spice smells nice in a pan of water and simmerd it for twenty miniutes to sweeten the air. It also humidifys a bit. Which considering I live in arid dessert helps.

Cathy said...

I like rosemary, and citrus ones.

MorningDew said...

My absolute fav is ylang ylang. If you are in any mood, funky, angry, depressed, it takes me out and soothes my spirit.

ilex said...

Rosemary and sage are my favorite herbal scents. And while I'm not totally sure it's available as an essential oil, I really love the smell of hemp seed oil. I have a hand cream with hemp seed oil in it; it's just heavenly. And boy, does it work- soothes my ragged cuticles like nothing else.

Willo said...

My favorite lately is lemon. It's a great pick me up! I also love vanilla, grapefruit, rose...I could go on and on.

Anonymous said...

Lemon, so everything is zingy and zesty!