Condo Blues: How to Season and Wash a Baking Stone

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to Season and Wash a Baking Stone

Scene: A lazy Saturday morning. Lisa is snoozing her life away snuggled under 7 blankets on her bed. Husband enters the room.

Husband: Lisa, wake up. I already took Blitzkrieg out side for a potty.

Me: “…….”

Husband: I made scones for breakfast.

Me: “!!!!!!!”

Yes, my wonderful Husband whipped up a batch of cherry scones and served them with teeny jars of clotted cream and lemon curd for breakfast. The cherry scones were a wonderful surprise because weekend morning breakfasts are usually a fend for yourself type of deal. The only exception is that one of us makes a gallon of coffee which we sip throughout the morning at our leisure.


Even better was that Husband used our baking stone to make the scones. A seasoned baking stone is a wonderful alternative to using a Teflon baking pan which can leach questionable substances into your food while you cook it. It also saves me a little bit of money because I don’t have to use cooking oils, butter, spray with a seasoned baking stone.

Seasoning a baking stone is easy – bake on it. A lot. That’s it. Well that and you don’t want to put your baking stone in the dishwasher. If you feel the need to clean a baking stone, just scrape the baked parts off of it and wash it ever so lightly with dish soap in the sink. We use our baking stone for just about everything. For bread, cookies, dog treats, pizza, even corn dogs!

We don’t eat a lot of prepared foods but we make a serious exception for the occasional corn dog. Usually on days that we go grocery shopping and need to make a quick meal afterward. Why? Because we the  corn dogs!

Most corn dogs don’t have high fructose corn syrup (but check the package to make sure) either. We try to avoid HFCS because we are starting to watch our sugar and cholesterol now that we see that our older relatives are having problems with it. Better to be safe early than sorry later!

Since our baking stone is heavy and unwieldy we store it in the oven. That’s what works for us.

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