Condo Blues: What Can You Do with Mint?

Friday, June 19, 2009

What Can You Do with Mint?

I grow mint in a pot on my patio and as the saying goes, you never grow just a little mint – it grows like a weed and quickly turns into a lot of mint.

Needless to say, my one little mint plant as turned into a boatload of mint! So far I’ve used mint to make:

  • Hot tea

  • Mint iced tea

I’m running out of ideas. I’m experiencing mint overload! What can I do with so much mint? I don’t want to waste it; I want to find a use for it. Help!

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Cheap Like Me said...

Earl Grey tea with mint leaves and honey - yum.

Mint chutney for Indian food.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Oh goodness, I really dislike mint. LOL I'm not much help. Maybe you can dry the stuff? Put it into little sachets and put it in your drawers? (Does mint stay minty once dried? I have no idea) I guess you'd want to use it fresh, but if worse comes to dried, then maybe you can dry it. Enjoy!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

CLM - That sounds wonderful! Early Grey tea is one of my favorites. I've never thought about doctoring it.

Kirby3131 - I dry mint and it stays minty. In fact I still have some mint left over from last summer even though I drank A LOT of mint tea during the winter. I've already started drying this year's crop for winter and I STILL have bucketloads of mint.

mrs green said...

Mint is really nice if you mix it with butter (as you might make garlic butter) and freeze it,

Then, in the middle of winter, when you are desperate for some summer, you steam yourself some potatoes and veggies and put a dollop of mint butter on them.

Instant summer at the time you need it most ;)

Lisa said...

Chocolate Mint Brownies!!! Don't have a recipe but sounds yummy! :)

Anna (Green Talk) said...

Chocolate chip mint ice cream! I almost bought a chocolate mint plant at a farm. It smelled amazing.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate mint syrup. Anything with chocolate, really. Or just chocolate. Forget the mint. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mango salsa
so the regular jalapeno, onion,mango, and a few mint leaves. look for recipe online- very good!

Recycled Soup said...

Can you make oil with mint like you do your orange peels & lavender?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I never tried it but I bet you could!

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