Condo Blues: Wood Crate Craft Storage

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wood Crate Craft Storage

I wanted my spare bedroom to be a sewing/craft/guest room when we moved in. Unfortunately it quickly turned into a place where old furniture came to die.

Fortunately I used that to my advantage. Free and repurposed craft storage? Yes please!

My craft table is an antique enamel top table. It was the kitchen table my mom used to eat at when she was a little girl. It is a dream to cut fabric on because it’s slippy when I need it to be. Slap a bath towel on it and it makes a good impromptu ironing board for small projects.


Now to store all of those bits and bobs and stash waiting for creative reuse. Using the old “if you can’t build out build up” and a bunch of wood fruit crates a former tenant abandoned in the basement of our old rental (clearly they were insane to leave these gems behind) I stacked them on the table to use as shelving.

Can you believe someone left these sweet babies behind?

I was about to blow a wad of cash on bins to fill my fruit crate shelves when I spied two sets of temporary cardboard storage drawers in the recycling bin. Would they fit?

Oh yes they do!

I spent a rainy day sorting through my crafty bits and put like items together in each drawer. I made labels by gluing two old business cards together, punching a hole in the top, and tying them on to each drawer pull with rick rack from another crafter's stash.

Pirate Mr. Potato Head watches overhead. Oh excuse me that’s Limited Edition Pirate Mr. Potato Head.

I bet I could sell him for a million dollars on EBay because he’s a collectible.
It said so on the box - that I bought at Big Lots.

Miss R. asked me why Mr. Potato Head is in a bird cage (left over from that “hey let’s put pillar candles in a birdcage” thing we all decorated with in the 90’s). I told her that he is Pirate Mr. Potato Head and he was bad so we put him jail.

I used a few six pack holders to hold my craft paints. I didn’t cover them because I hoped it would go with the food/fruit crate thing. Let’s go with that instead of the boring truth. The cardboard drink holders quickly solved a storage problem and I haven’t gotten around to prettying them up.

An homage to two of my favorite local craft beers.

Two leftover bins hold my glue gun, adhesives, tools, and act as a temporary holding area for can-I-do-something-with-this? items.

A wood Clementine crate would be cuter but it doesn't fit in the crate as well as the plastic bins.
Oh, and I already had the plastic bins.

Nice and neat with a little bit of character. And the price? Free!

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