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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make an Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad

One of Blitzkrieg’s dog beds is a crate. We leave the door open at all times and he can go in or out at his leisure. It’s his little doggie man cave. When he first came to live with us, I wanted to make sure that Blitzkrieg knew that his crate was his safe spot as part of his rehabilitation from his abusive past.

PhotobucketLike most dog crates, it didn’t come with a cushion or crate pad. The crate lives in our bedroom where our pack sleeps. His humans have a soft bed and my boy desired something soft and cushy to sleep on in his little condo within our condo.

Blitzkrieg required surgery to fix a hernia from being beaten and abused, I wanted to get him an orthopedic dog crate pad. I prices those suckers and ouch! $30 for a thin piece of egg crate foam covered in cheap fabric? Forget it. I’ll make my own for $5.00 and with much nicer fabric thankyouverymuch.

I stopped at the fabric store to buy foam padding. They charged crazy high prices for large pieces of upholstery foam. I saw some small pieces of foam that were cut down from the larger pieces that were the perfect Pekingese size. I asked if they sold the smaller pieces at a discount like remnants of fabric. The clerk told me no. I told the clerk goodbye.

I found a twin size egg crate foam mattress pad at Dollar General for $5. Perfect!

Since I spent such an exorbitant amount on the stuffing for Blitzkrieg’s bed, I thought I better pony up and choose a fabric for the outside that is nice and lush. I rooted around in my fabric stash and found some blue mohair upholstery fabric. My mom gave me the leftover fabric when she had a chair reupholstered.

What do you think Blitzkrieg? A mohair orthopedic dog crate pad?

Oh yes please!

I measured the inside of the dog crate and cut two pieces of foam padding to fit. Then I cut two pieces of mohair fabric one inch larger than the foam padding and sewed them right sides together to form a pillow. I turned the pillow right side out, stuffed it with 2 pieces of egg crate foam padding stacked one on top of the other, and sewed the end closed. I ran a seam one inch around the interior of the crate and hand quilted it so the foam won’t shift when I wash it in the washing machine.

The Mohair Man Cave

Only the finest things in life for my boy - especially if they are practically free!

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Robj98168 said...

Lucky Blitzy!

Julie said...

Comfy. Lucky dog. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

Rattlebridge Farm said...

So cute! I have Yorkies.

Unknown said...

Nothing but the best for the dogs. The cushion look very comfy.

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a great idea! Your dog is precious.

Our little dog is going to have knee surgery soon :( so I really need to make him one of these beds. Thanks for the idea!

Laura said...

Hello Author
Thanks for this post. I have plan to buy a new crate or kennel for my cute dog.

San said...

Thanks for taking such good care of Blitzkrieg. He is a BEAUTIFUL Peke....i have one too

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