Condo Blues: Accidental Anthropolgie Table Cloth Skirt

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Accidental Anthropolgie Table Cloth Skirt

My sewing machine was deader than a doornail. My new to me serger never worked properly either (possibly why it was handed over to me.) I thought both were goners because my repair guy closed his shop. Fortunately, husband’s aunt hooked me up with her repair guy (thanks Aunt Judy!) Now both machines sew like a dream.


Good thing because I couldn’t find a pencil skirt to save my life to wear to Blissdom last January. All I found where bathing suits when I schlepped from store to store in the snow. Silly me, wanting a skirt in December. I should have known better.

Well, if I can’t buy, I’ll DIY!

Good thing my mom taught me how to sew!

The best thing about this skirt? I only had to buy thread and a zipper. 
I already had the fabric and pattern.

That project turned me into a sewing maniac. My goal is if I bust through enough of my fabric stash, then I can start painting and decorating my sewing/room craft room. Right now, it is the room where spare furniture and stuff goes to die. Hence, no photos. I'm way too embarrassed by it right now.

Sew a Table Cloth Skirt

I’m itching for a project. Husband isn't thrilled about me tearing up the living room to paint it just yet.

During a clean out, I found a green paisley cotton table cloth I bought at TJ Maxx for my dining room table years ago. It didn’t work as well as I hoped. I rarely used it.

I wonder if I have fabric left in that table cloth to make a swingy spring skirt?

I used Modern Sewing Pattern’s free Six Gusset Skirt Pattern  to sew a skirt from the tablecloth fabric. I used it as an opportunity to get to know my serger better, as in learn how to use it :) I serged everything on this skirt with the exception of the zipper and the top stitching of the waistband. Yay me!

Very Anthro, no?

I added a super secret pocket in the waistband for my keys and money.

 Who am I kidding? This pocket will be full of dog treats when I'm out and about. 

I love the way my skirt came out! It looks like a retro girly skirt straight from the racks of Anthropolgie! What a happy accident.

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Darci said...

Total cuteness! I'll have to BOLO for cool tablecloths at Goodwill. Great idea!

Sandra Betzina (of Vogue Patterns) made a super cute winter coat from a tufted comforter a few years ago. It turned out incredibly cute.

I made a top from sheer curtains in my stash that you might enjoy. Check it out at:

It's Tuesday's "Gold Digger Top".

Yay for reuse/refashion!

Rebecca Jean said...

That's friggin' awesome! Up-cycling at its best. I have total skirt/sewing envy. Will you be cutting up the curtains next?

♥ Rebecca Jean
Midnight Maniac

liZ said...

I loVe this idea...I'm always trying to turn one thing into something of course I think this is brilliant!

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Darci - Love the top!

Rebecca - I made a tote bag out of old curtains, why not clothes?

Liz - Aw, shucks. Thanks! said...

LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara


Dropped Stitch Knitter said...

What a great skirt! It does look like it came straight from Anthro!

Lisa said...

Super cute! Wanna make me on?! :)

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Thanks Karen - I linked up!

Lisa - I'm almost out of fabric. How about a bandanna for your dog instead? :)

julee said...

Great use of stuff you already have! I love this new (to me) term 'upcycling!

Yes doggie treats are the upmost importance!

Lauren @ 31diy said...

This is gorgeous! I'm so impressed with your sewing skills.

Elizabeth said...

I love your table cloth skirt, it is so cute. I wish I had your sewing skills. Just lovely.

Unknown said...

Super cute! I never thought to use a table cloth as material for sewing. Thanks for the great idea!

Anne Maskell said...

What a great skirt! The pocket is a fabulous idea. Just so you know, it would be full of dog treats here too! I also love the orange top. What pattern did you use? I would really like to make it!

Anne said...

I have to make some skirts for my 16 year old. Thanks for reminding me. I like this header better than yesterday's. It's a little blah but we can see it better. The other was too hard to read. The letters were too light against the background.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Anne M. - I didn't make the orange top. That was a consignment store find.

Anne - Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on a new header and some the of the back end code of the blog today. I hope to reveal a bright shiny new look soon!

Megan said...

very pretty.


AllieMakes! said...

Very sweet! Love the accidentale projects!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Anonymous said...

Love the skirts! I'm a new follower from Welcome to the Weekend hop!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Cute, cute! I really like the table cloth fabric. It made a sweet skirt.

Thanks for linking to the party. Hope to see you this week, too. ;)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Denise said...

That is super cute! I love your use of the tablecloth. And the super secret dog treat pocket is a wonderful idea!

--Denise at Sly Needle

Heather Jones said...

That is pretty clever! I need more time to sew, instead I blog. I guess I can't have the best of both worlds...anyway, I am following you from the The Middle Matters blog hop. I would love for you to follow back!
Have a great wednesday!

Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Design It Chic said...

The skirts are so pretty! Love them! You have some skills there, girl. hi hi I am now following you thanks to The Middle Matters blog hop and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog:)
And don't forget to check our new Blog Tutorial going on today. It's pretty easy and it would definitely look cute on your blog:) See you there!
Happy Wednesday

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I need sewing skills

Here from a blog hop and happy to meet you,
<3, New Follower

Get a dose of laughgter at A Taste of T

Ginger said...

Very pretty! Love the color! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

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