Condo Blues: Make an iPad Cover and Stand

Friday, April 8, 2011

Make an iPad Cover and Stand

I won an iPad from ConAgra* in a drawing at Blissdom.  I’m still pinching myself! I never win anything super cool like that.

Now I know what the heck Angry Birds is and why it’s insanely addictive.


Griffin Screen Care Kit for iPad, Matte
Seriously, order one of these. You won't regret it.
The first thing I did is order a screen care kit. I had sectors on a screen kill a just-out-of-warranty PDA (remember those?)  As a precaution, I always buy a screen protector to my touch screen devices and recommend you do the same. It will be the best $13 you spend to protect a $500 investment. I'm not joking, go buy one. I'll wait.

Hi, you're back!

The next thing I wanted to do is buy a cover to protect my Precious. I wanted a cover that held the iPad securely, held the power cord and cleaning pad from the screen care kit (better than using your sleeve and less prone to scratch the screen and make you cry in your oatmeal.), and double as a stand when I attended a conference or something and wanted to type or keep an eye on Twitter.

Naturally, I couldn’t find anything close to that in a store.   

When I can’t buy, I DIY!

I made a cloth iPad cover from fabric from my stash. I chose cotton for the outer layer, fleece for the padded layer and felt for the lining layer.

The pattern is simple. I taped two sheets of 81/2 x 11 inch paper together and cut the flap to size. I eyeballed the cuts on the front pocket to make it slightly smaller than the iPad itself.

Originally I planned to serge it and sew seam binding over the serged edge to finish it off.

It looked horrible.

Just keeping it real.

Not everything I make looks awe-inspiring, or even passable, on the first try.

Or second.

Or third.

Or…I lost count.

At 3 AM  I had something I was happy with.

A funky button from Grandma’s button box and an upcycled loop of elastic that originally held a tag on something I bought keep the cover closed and my iPad snug as a bug in an iPad cover.

I added a pocket to the front to keep the power cable and a stylus. I love the pocket! I don’t understand why more covers don’t have pockets to hold the cords and accessories when traveling and to keep them from getting lost.  

I sewed more upcycled elastic ( from another purchase) on the outside corners of the iPad cover.

When I close the cover and slip the iPad in the outside elastic, the iPad sits at a slight angle for typing, or displaying Twitter on my desk.  Are you following me on Twitter? You should. People say I’m funny. Unless you’re only here to look at photos of Blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg is not on Twitter. Don't click away!  I upload photos of Blitzkrieg on Twitter all the time so if you follow me it’s like a two for one deal.

I’m still a bit new to the iPad thing.  I have iBooks, Kindle, Angry Birds and that’s pretty much it.

What are your are other favorite apps? Do you have any good sources for ebooks?

*Say what you will about "Big Ag" but me and Orville Redenbacher have always been tight.  I pop it old school - in a pot on the stove.

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